Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday 17th April 2011…the worst day of my journey….. I am very stupid and very much poorer!!!!

Had a great sleep and woke up intending to have a nice leisurely breakfast of the famous Pearson scrambled eggs…but first wanted to tend to my injuries forgot to mention last post that apart from the the knee, leg and finger I have had a large blister on top of my big toe but underneath my second toe that is having a hard time healing so this morning I decided to put some oil on it and I went to my medical cabinet and got out a Q tip to dip in the oil but thought before I did that I may as well clean my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!  The Q tip broke off in the same ear as before in Mexico…..I was so mad at myself..all my plans were put on hold and I tried to find a clinic ….nothing opened on a Sunday so I drove to the next big town Sparks, Nevada and found this place.

apr17 003

Went to the emergency department and the story begins…

First of all I have to go to Admissions…loads of questions they take photo copy of my identification and I get a wrist band and told to wait in the waiting room….I was the only one in there….waited about 15 minutes and the nurse came and took me into an office where she asked lots of questions, took pulse and blood pressure and then she escorted me to this room

apr17 001where I waited another 15 minutes until my Doctor came in and 12 seconds later finished!!

apr17 002

Back to the admissions department where I am told that the cost would be 1000 dollars!!!!!!  I almost fell off my chair!!!!  I informed them I had insurance but with a 300 dollar deductible so I paid 300 dollars and when the bill comes to me I can contact my Insurance company…..this to me is unbelievable the same procedure in Mexico was 45 dollars needless to say I have ditched the Q tips!!!!

The only way I can deal with this is to know that I have paid the money and then just forget about it!!!!!  No wonder my Doctor above is smiling!!!!!!  Suddenly my finger, knee ,  leg and toe didn’t feel so bad!!!

Back on the road again on the side highways with nice views!!!

apr17 009

apr17 007

As I crossed into California there was an inspection station!!

apr17 006

The day got worse as in the late afternoon I experienced my first rain since November 1st!!

apr17 012

I am in a membership club called Passport America which lists hundreds of RV parks that offer usually one night stays for half price….I checked the listings and there was one close to where I was heading and it offered Wi-Fi as I wanted to listen to the Canucks hockey game so I headed and found

apr17 023

Their listing in the book said that they don’t offer the Passport Rate on weekends but I thought I could talk my way out of that anyway this is what the book lists

apr17 028

so imagine my delight when the owner comes out to me, it is raining and I am the only one in the park and tells me to park anywhere I asked if they had Wi-Fi and the answer was yes and then if they are Passport America park…no we don’t give any discounts so I handed her the 20 dollars and she nicely informed me that it was 26 dollars per night as they were not getting any business so they put up their prices….me thinks this makes a lot of sense right?????   With the day I was having I just gave her 6 dollars and thanked her very much..the park is nothing like the listing but the bathrooms are clean!!

apr17 024

apr17 026Bathroom!!

Anyway all settled in listening to the hockey game and had supper and have a movie for later on tonight……

What a day!!!!!!

Map picture
Map picture

The night just got better I had an e mail from Robin in SMA she had seen Daniela yesterday and Daniela was asking after me and sending me her love…smiling again!!!


Croft said...

$1000 for 12 seconds. That comes to ...... $5000 per minute or ........ $300,000 per hour. We are in the wrong business!

You are actually lucky they did not make you pay the whole charge up front. Your money would have been far better spent at Sheri's Ranch! Live and learn'

mexicokid said...

good one Croft!!!!!

Richard said...

Ah, US 'Health Care'. Or as we here refer to it - Organized Crime.
The majority of that $1,000 dollars goes to overhead to pay for CEO salaries, private jets etc.

dreaming of retiring to Mexico

mexicokid said...

retire in Mexico sounds good...

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