Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday 10th April 2011…..well I have to say it again, another great day!!

Woke up and checked my e mail and there was an e mail from Robin in San Miguel she sent me some photos of the girls in Santa Julia at a concert and a cookie making day and there front and centre and looking beautiful was my Paola!!!!!


It was a lovely sunny day and I decided to cook the last of the bacon I brought from SMA

apr10 001

With poached eggs

apr10 004It was a great breakfast.

I then loaded up lunch and set off on Bonita for a tour of the area and also to visit this place

apr10 047

This centre is located on the ocean and is a very important place apart from doing shows this is their main purpose!!!!


*Dolphin Assisted Therapy
The primary mission of the Delfinario is that of Dolphin Assisted Therapy for children with Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and other ailments of the central nervous system.  The child interacts with the dolphin in the water assisted by a trained therapist.  In addition to the physical stimulation the child receives from the dolphin, the dolphin's sonar produces ultrasonic frequencies which stimulate the central nervous system and improve brain plasticity.

I paid the entrance fee of 50 pesos….and the best part

apr10 033Yes I got in half price senior rate!!!

There were many children and they gave a talk on dolphins

apr10 049

Then it was time for the sea lion show…

apr10 062

I am not a big fan of animals and mammals in captivity but  with the training they put on an awesome show, very well done and funny…the kids loved it!!

apr10 071

apr10 074

apr10 076

Off to the big pool for the dolphins…

apr10 089

apr10 093

I think it was more luck than talent that I was able to capture this shot below!!!

apr10 094The 2 dolphins just hoisted the trainer in the air!!!

It was really a remarkable time.  I then went into down town Guaymas and it was a very nice place

apr10 036

apr10 039

apr10 040

I always smile when I see this store because this is where I started my working 15 years old on Saturdays I was employed in the broken biscuit department after starting off in the glass ware department but broke too many glasses,  at Woolworths and look they still have the same biscuit containers!!!!

apr10 041

I then toured the next little town which was very clean and passed a huge parking lot filled with cars so I checked it out and this is what I found

apr10 029

I stopped and asked if it was Ok to go in and the guy on the gate told me for sure and he even wanted me to leave Bonita close by so he could keep an eye on her and he even took and kept my helmet for me….it was the young kids sports day and I must say everyone was very friendly, smiling and saying hello to me…

apr10 019

apr10 023

apr10 024

Another great example of how this culture enjoys family time together!!

Back on the road some neat shots!!!

apr10 065

apr10 005


apr10 031

Came back to the RV park and spent a couple of hours here..

apr10 099

I needed to fill up my 5 gallon jug with water… I was spoiled in SMA because the coke truck came to the door and I just exchanged jugs and it only cost 21 pesos…I took the empty jug with me on Bonita balancing it between my legs and rode about three blocks to a water purification store..

apr10 098

The first thing the gentleman did was wash and clean the jug, then filled it up and carried it out and placed it on Bonita…the cost!!!!!!  10 pesos….Just love Mexico!!!!

Came back and did some chores, actually that is not true but I didn’t want you to think I was having too much fun!!!

Off to capture some sunsets photos…

apr10 112

apr10 116

apr10 117

Back home and had another one of the dinners I had cooked and froze back in SMA…I only have one more left…back to bread and jam sandwiches then!!!!!!

A hot shower, tea and cookies and a movie….so how was your day??????

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