Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tuesday 5th April 2011………Day 1

Had a great quiet sleep and I was up in plenty of time had breakfast and packed and walked across the street to the station to await the 9.30am train……so where is it???

copper canyon 002

copper canyon 001

I had taken most things into consideration and decided to take the 2nd class train and here she comes!!!

copper canyon 003

I was assigned a seat and it was on the right side of the train which is the right side going north to see all the sights!!

copper canyon 004

See these two heads in the above photo well that was my seat but I quickly learned the etiquette of train travel don’t leave your seat to go to the vestibule in between the cars to take photos because when you come back your seat will be taken even though my backpack was on the seat!!!  The old couple who were Mexican told me I think that they were cold where they were sat and this  seat was warmer I just smiled and said “De Nada”  ,,,you are welcome!!!

It wasn’t a huge problem as there were plenty of seats and lots of people got off at the first stop, so no worries!!!

copper canyon 005

At this point the train does a complete 360 degree turn…the scenery was amazing and the mind just boggles at the engineering and building of these railroad…over 80 bridges and tunnels!!

copper canyon 008

At one point the train pulled into a siding to allow the train going in the other direction to pass!!

copper canyon 006

copper canyon 011

This is the general attire of the Raramuri Indians..check out their sandals!!!

copper canyon 014

I just love this photo and I wonder what is going through her little mind!!!!

copper canyon 013

In the small town of Divisadero the train stops for 15 minutes and you can get off and check out the local food and gifts!!

copper canyon 010

copper canyon 009

Needles to say I passed this up.

At 6pm the train pulled into my stop the town of Creel

copper canyon 015X marks the hotel!!


… many young boys were hanging around and trying to get you to go to “their” hotel….I took a fancy to one little guy and he spoke a little English and told me to follow him to Casa Margarita’s….200 pesos a night…so I followed him and he took me into the small courtyard and I asked to see a room so he ran behind the counter and picked up a room key and showed me the room

copper canyon 016

It was very clean, nice bathroom with hot water, small and no view but for 16 dollars a night a bargain, so I tipped him and away he went happy……

I settled in and had a good hot shower and happy I had brought my I pod and small speakers, so I had my own music…

There was a little kitchen with a lady cooking food I sweet talked her and also 50 pesos later and the food I had brought with me was in the freezer and fridge…fresh strawberries and yogurt for me tomorrow!!! ends and incredible day!!!

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