Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday 23rd April 2011…….Home on the Bank!!!

Had another good sleep and woke up to a bright sunny day…..I was about 70 miles away from the ferry terminal so I decided to drive straight there and have breakfast when I got there and I arrived about 10.30am and was the first vehicle in line so I parked and I had nearly three hours to kill so after breakfast I did a clean up of Ramona inside and got everything sorted and neat and tidy.

apr23 006

The ferry arrived on time and at 2pm we left it was a beautiful sunny and warm day

apr23 010

apr23 014

apr23 021

and I enjoyed the 90 minute crossing and arrived in Victoria  just after 3.30pm and I was the first vehicle in line to Canada customs.

apr23 030

Now let me explain here you all know I don’t drink but Sara did ask me to bring her back a couple of bottles of Tequila and when I saw Inga I offered to bring her bottle of Kahlua back this bottle was opened and about half left,  I have to be honest and tell you that I knew I had an extra bottle of tequila but they were 700ml size bottles.

At the booth the usual questions and when it came to liquor he asked me what I had and I told him a couple bottles of tequila and a half bottle of Kahlua….he gave me back my passport and told me to go the secondary area for a search…I knew then I was in trouble!!!!

Another Officer came out very friendly asking where I had been and how was my trip and then he said he was going to search and for me to wait over by the fence….I had on purpose left my bed down making it pretty hard to get into the compartments under the dining table and from the fence I could see him removing the cushions to these compartments….I knew he would fine the extra bottle.

He was about one hour and came out and said to me that I had not been honest with him and that he had found more bottle of tequila and I just said you know I packed this up so many weeks ago I really cannot remember what I had.  Well he said we found 7 more bottles!!   I was amazed and said there is no way that I had that many and he said no just checking BUT tell me know before I go through everything what else am i going to find and I said go ahead I have nothing to hide so off he went back inside whilst another agent emptied all the outside storage bins and I just waited by the fence.

Another Officer then came to me and said he wanted to talk to me and said that he did not know what kind of lifestyle I led but why did I have 4 photos of girls in my motorhome.  The photos he was referring to are of Paola and Daniela I have displayed and I also happened to be wearing a T shirt with their photos screened on.  I politely told him about my involvement with the girls.  He then asked me why I had so many Bounce sheets through the motor home and outside compartments and I told him for a nice scent and they also discourage ants.  He then told me that he was the dog handler and he was going to get his dog who would sniff for firearms and drugs and he said to me now is the time to tell me if he will find anything, much better to tell me than the dog finding anything.  I just smiled and said please go get your dog, which he did.

Of course they never found anything and it was now nearly three hours and I could not get upset because I knew I was at fault with the liquor but it was a bit much.

The next thing that happened was the first Officer came back to me with my passport and asked me if I used to be a police officer as he had seen my Bobby helmet hanging in Ramona and I told him I had for 16 years.  He then went back into Ramona and came out a few minutes and said he was going to extend professional courtesy to me and that I was free to go and to just remember next time where and what I packed.  I thanked him and then he said you better come inside the RV because I have made a bit of a mess and I will help you.  I went inside Ramona and could not believe it he had everything out of every cupboard it was an absolute MESS!!!..I told him not to worry i would do it and he left and I drove away and stopped in the first parking area and tried to fix the mess but just gave up….interestingly enough they didn’t confiscate the liquor it was all there……

apr23 035The mess!!

apr23 031

apr23 034

So nothing really too much I can about all of this….I was wrong!!

Anyway arrived home at the Bank around 8pm

even the deer were there to welcome me

apr23 042

apr23 043

It was lovely to see Heather and Kirby and the boys..they are so great to me, feels really good to be back.

I have had a wonderful Winter and will talk more of it in days to come… is good.

Sorry for some reason I wasn’t able to download the photos today, will try and get them posted tomorrow.

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