Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday 27th April 2011…rain rain go away!!!

Yes woke up to rain again and this morning I had to drive to Comox to see my book keeper and get my taxes filed.

Map picture

My heart nearly missed a beat when I had to fill up my car with gas!!!

apr27 001

The drive was in rain both ways..

apr27 008

apr27 003

So my taxes are all done for another year.

This afternoon i went to my first physiotherapist session and was impressed with my lady therapist and the deer as a welcome committee!!

apr27 012

After a consultation and checking out my X rays from yesterday the diagnosis is that i do have arthritis on my right knee and my left thigh I have badly damaged the tendon…both these ailments are treatable and I had laser therapy on both plus a rub down with anti inflammatory gel on my thigh and I return for another session on Friday.

I was also instructed to ice both knee and thigh 4 times a day ….to rub both areas with the gel and to ride a bike and swim and not do any running or long walks and to keep taking my pills if I do all this she told me I would be ready for my first reffing tournament on 7th May…so that is great news for me.

She also told me to remember that I was not as young as I used to be or think I am and that I played way too much tennis in SMA and for me to accept that I now must do thing things in moderation and to listen to my body….Yes MOM!!!!!

This evening I went to Karen’s for a lovely dinner and to catch up on our winter activities.  Karen is my oldest friend in Nanaimo, not in years, she is quite young!!!! but in length of time of the friendship I met her the first day I came to the Island 19 years ago….thanks for another great meal…

So a busy but productive day…….and all is well!!!

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