Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday 28th April 2011……..another day flies by!!!!!!

Went with Heather this morning to visit Uncle Bill who has recently moved into a care facility in the south end of the city.  We took him to the local Tim Horton’s donut shop…

ap;r28 002I was a very good all these wonderful fattening delights and I order a blue berry muffin!!!

Here is Heather and Uncle Bill….guess his age???

ap;r28 003

He is a lovely man very mobile and alert and he will be 98 years young in October!!!!

This afternoon I did some errands and then paper work and claim forms….I also went to the eye care centre in Wal-Mart because the glasses that I had made in SMA actually the frames were made and inserted into my own dollar store frames, well the frame broke this morning and in Wal-Mart they wanted 99 dollars to take out the lenses and put them in one of their frames, there was no way.  So I went across the street to the Dollar store found an identical pair of glasses bought those and took the lenses out of the broken frame into the new frame, perfect all for one dollar!!!

Watched the Canucks win another hockey game tonight and this sunset photo was taken by the fence in the back garden!!!

ap;r28 008

I iced my leg and knee a few times today and used the gel and they are slowly starting to feel a little better……so another day gone by!!!

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