Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday 14th April 2011……more great friends!!!

This is yesterdays post!!!

Had a great sleep very quiet neighbourhood…..had tea with Erika and by 9.30am I was on the road….it was a wonderful first experience for me at Couch surfing and thanks Erika you were the perfect hostess!!!!

My plan was to meet Eric on Thursday in Scottsdale but I did receive an e mail last night from Esther and Steve friends that I met last summer when I was visiting with Sara in northern BC…..and the e mail said they were in this beautiful regional park about 15 miles away from where I was going to meet Eric and they invited me for a visit if I had the time……so this morning I drove about 100 miles

apr13 002went through this huge Border Patrol station without incident…

I then found a Discount Tire store and had the tires on Ramona checked for wear and the service man was great he gave me an estimate of 6 new tires installed and gave me a printout of the estimate to take with me to Oregon where I shall get the tires replaced next week…after that I decided to stop and say a quick hello to another friend Terri, who is Linda and Guy`s daughter she lives in Tucson so I found her office and had a short but great visit.

I drove to the park where Esther and Steve were located…

apr13 004

  but they were not home so I registered and pulled into the lot across from them..

apr13 005

apr13 006

You can see their place is a bit more palatial than Ramona…..about 30 minutes later they arrived home and we had a lovely hour getting caught up.

You know they are good friends when shortly after getting a dinner invitation I was out back hanging up their laundry and helping Steve with the Blue Boy!!!!! 

apr14 001

apr14 003


For those of you that think a Blue Boy is cute and fun little guy let me put you straight!!!!!  It is the term used for a container that hauls away certain things….I shall leave it at that….things I have to do to get a supper!!!!!

Esther prepared a lovely meal and then it was time for a real treat….Steve and I took it easy..check out my white feet!!

apr13 010

and watched the opening round of the Stanley Cup play offs which Vancouver beat Chicago 2  -  0

apr13 009

It was sure nice to see old friends again and thanks so much for a great evening…tomorrow off into the city to meet Eric and spend the day with him……stay tuned!!!


Now Thursday morning and Esther

apr14 002

had a lovely surprise for me this morning she had made a fresh malt loaf…how kind….I shall look forward to that with my evening tea… was great connecting with Esther and Steve again now off to meet Eric……

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