Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday 16th April 2011……..a rare occurrence for me!!!

I actually set the alarm clock for 7am this morning!!!!!!  Cannot remember the last time I did that.  I was e mailing my friends Norma and Croft and as I said in last nights post they were about 2 hours ahead of me…anyway they said they would wait where they were parked and we could meet this morning for coffee and tea…so up at 7am and by 8.30am the re-union had begun…

apr16 002

Norma, Croft and Ramona’s second cousin!!!

We had a great visit catching up on the past 5 months….I may see them again next week in Washington State.

Now Croft was trying to entice me to go with him to visit Sadie's Ranch!!!!  Remember we are in Nevada……but after the stares from Norma we both decided that would not be a wise move!!!!!!!!

It was a great to see you both again safe travels home!!

More roads like these

apr16 001


My lunch stop

apr16 004

Not much traffic so a snails view of the long and straight road markings!!!!!

apr16 007

I went through some lovely small town America’s and in this one washed my baby!!

apr16 023

Love this view!!

apr16 009

What happens if you don’t take care of your rig!!

apr16 019

No comment on this one!!!

apr16 018

So I am again in a McDonald’s parking lot using the WIFI and then going over to Wal-Mart to spend the evening having supper and another Red box movie.  I am in a small town called Fernley about 20 miles from Reno!!

I have to tell you that I am at the moment not the usual incredible physical specimen that I normally am…my right knee is still swollen and also the top part of my calf I think the driving is not helping but there is no pain but after that long beach walk I did in San Carlos a few days ago my left upper thigh is giving me fits and really limiting my movement and to top it off I think I have an ingrowing nail on my index finger which is the most painful of them all…….I really am not complaining because these are just minor things but it makes me realize how lucky I have been all my life with almost perfect health and mobility….when I get home I shall visit my doctor and get fixed up… worries just wanted to share!!

Map picture

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Croft said...

It is always great to see you Les! Looking at the "menu" from Sheri's "Ranch" almost makes one consider going off one's diet.

Don't forget to see about getting Bonita's mounting strengthened. We would not want to see her on the ground!

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