Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday 18th April 2011….no calamities today……so far!!!

Had an easy morning and left at 10am in the pouring rain but it did get brighter and some scenes along the way!!

apr18 003

apr18 006

My lunch stop and yes that is snow!!!

apr18 012

apr18 007I was close to the river and I liked this tree!!

apr18 008

The long and not so winding road!!!

apr18 013

apr18 022

apr18 032

I am now in Eugene in McDonalds

apr18 033

These places are great they have free and fast Internet, so doing this and the Red Box for a movie later on tonight.

There is a Wal-Mart two blocks away where I shall go and spend the night and that is two blocks away from the Tire shop that I am going to tomorrow and after that about 10 mile trip to the Solar place where I can spend the night and they can work on Ramona Wednesday morning…I also need some welding work done to the scooter rack so I hope to get all these things done by Wednesday….

It was a good day some sunshine but cool and life is good…….

Map picture

The journey so far!!!!

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