Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday 21st April 2011…….this is one friendly town!!!

Had a brain wave last night, now now keep those nasty comments to yourself, I thought if I got up early and went to the tire store

apr21 001


about 8 miles away for when they open at 8am they could install the last tire and then I could come back here to the solar shop knowing that no matter what time they finished the work the tire was done….so that is what I did and I was back here by 9am.

So the agenda for today was for the workers here to re wire the solar panel with the correct gauge wire and do it under the chassis and directly into the house batteries.  Then they would order a new controller box that needs to be replaced but that work is done by another company.  So the owner here contacted the other store ordered the part checked times and openings and I am lucky that this store is open tomorrow and they can have the part delivered by 11.30am tomorrow.

So they worked on the wiring for at least 4 hours and it is all complete and I am now in Ramona and they have let me stay here again tonight and tomorrow I go to the other store they will install the controller and then check the state of my batteries but everyone seems to think they will need to be replaced.

The owner then took me aside and told me that he was very sorry that they wasted all that time yesterday instead of just doing the work and he presented me with a bill for $465 dollars …I was happily floored I was expecting so much more.  This family company have been so good to me and if you ever need any solar work they are AM Solar in Eugene!!!

The owner is even going to document the problems with the first installation which I shall take to the original installer back on the Island and I shall at least ask for some sort of settlement but not expecting anything but does not hurt to try they have cost me many dollars for shoddy work!!

I know I still will have a large bill tomorrow because the controller cost alone is 290 dollars but I do feel that all the work I have had done in 3 days has been very reasonable and Ramona will leave almost like new!!

So around lunch time I took a ride on Bonita down by the river it was sunny but cool but I enjoyed the fresh air and sights!!!

apr21 004 

apr21 007

This guy sure needs a haircut!!

apr21 005

apr21 006

apr21 009

I am sure happy with Bonita over 5000 km on the clock and not one single issue with her!!

apr21 008

I came back around 4pm and Ramona was ready so here I sit had a great long hot shower, shaved and at Costco yesterday I bought this great beef roast that is ready cooked and just needs to be heated in the microwave, I had some frozen mashed potatoes and veggies that I had cooked and froze in SMA, so I had a great supper and now listening to the Vancouver Canucks getting thrashed by the Blackhawks going to be an interesting game on Sunday!!

This is the ceremonial dumping of my Crocs I have walked many a mile, beach and footpath in these but they are worn down to almost nothing!!

apr21 011

Now a welcome to my new Crocs very similar but black!!

apr21 012

I have a movie to watch after the game…life is good…….

So hopefully be on the road tomorrow late and then may be home either Sunday or Monday.

I would like to wish all my readers a very special and Happy Easter!!!!

Map picture

Not sure at this point if I am going to take the ferry from Port Angeles or go through Bellingham!!

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