Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday 22nd April 2011….Last day on the road!!!!

and it was a good one, sunny all day but I still find it a little cool.  I had a lazy morning and eventually left my parking spot behind the solar shop at 10 am and went a few blocks to here

apr22 001again another family run business and again so friendly.  the part I needed had arrived that morning and they told me I could wait or come back in 90 minutes so I went for a walk and when I arrived back at the shop everything was done and they told me that indeed the house batteries that I had were correct and were 6 volt but they were had been wired wrong that is the information that the solar place passed to them.  Anyway they told me the batteries were OK but low because of the faulty controller but driving today would charge them up.

Their bill was $390 dollars only 90 dollars for labour the rest parts…so that is the solar panel, the batteries, the controller and the welding all done with great deals for me so I am very happy that all is finished and now anxious to plug Ramona in and NOT hear the clicking!!!!

I was out of there by noon so decided to drive north.

My first stop was in Wilsonville where I need a small Wi-Fi antenna from Fry’s Electrical store I have never been in their store before and oh my goodness what a huge store and so many helpful staff walking around.  I found what I needed then went a few more blocks to Camping World where my friend Ray had asked me to pick up some things for him…Ray I now need a tow trailer to get them home to you!!!!!!!

Back on the road this guy must have strong arms to ride like this!!

apr22 004

All the tour books say to take the Interstate 205 to avoid downtown Portland and I did and ran into a traffic accident and was delayed at least 40 minutes…

apr22 006

I made plenty of stops for my knee stretching and when I saw this

apr22 014

I knew it was time to stop for the night.  I found a Wal-Mart on the 101 about 70 miles before Port Angeles……so had a shower and supper and going to watch my last Red box movie.

The plan tomorrow is to drive to Port Angeles and take the 2pm ferry to Victoria and hopefully if all goes well I should be home an the Bank tomorrow evening around 7pm…

It has been an incredible journey!!!

Map picture

The bottom pin is where I am tonight..the next two pins are the ferry terminals and the top one home!!!

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