Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday 3rd April 2011…well I think this was the last beach day……maybe!!!!

The clocks went back one hour at 2am this morning so I have no idea what time zone I am in and I don’t really care!!!!

Had a great sleep and had a very leisurely morning with breakfast and reading….then took Bonita into the local town because I am going to take a different route out to the highway didn’t like the one yesterday so I found a good way to go……

apr3 004

I cannot say enough good things about Bonita for 5 months now I have used her everyday and not one single problem I have put over 2000 km on her and she has been a very good friend!!!!

Don’t think that today was all reading, eating, sleeping boogie board and swimming although I did copious amounts of all those things I also washed Ramona from roof to tires, laundry

apr3 002

I also cleaned inside and started to get everything ready for leaving in the morning….

So here is the plan I leave in the morning and drive to El Fuerte where I find a secure place to leave Ramona for about 6 days….on Tuesday morning I board the train with back pack and ride all day to Creel where I get off and find a hostel or B & B or somewhere cool to stay for two days whilst I take trips to the waterfalls, lost missions and explore the Canyon.

apr3 006

apr3 007

Next is a 5 hour ride on a small bus to the bottom of the canyon where I stay one night and again do some side trips and then take the bus back to Creel where I get back on the train and come back towards El Fuerte but get off at Divisadero where I get off and get a hostel room and spend two days here exploring ….they have a zip line some where over some of the canyon that I just have to try and also a cable car…all very exciting!!!!

Then back on the train to El Fuerte, spend the night and then drive north I think to a small coastal town of San Carlos where I have been before and have my final two days in Mexico and then head to the border….

So that is the plan but as you know plans with me can change!!!!!

A very sad night as I get my tea and start to watch a movie as this is the last of my secret supply of Malt Loaf brought home with me from England last summer and stored in my freezer……..looks yummy!!!!

apr3 001

So this may be the final post for a week I am not taking my laptop on my trip so wish you all a great week…take care blessings Les

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