Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday 20th April 2011…..the plot thickens!!!

Ramona is really sick!!!!!!

So 5pm rolls around and the owner of the shop pulls me aside to sit and talk….now this is quite technical and obviously above my knowledge limit but it appears the Engineer has come to the conclusion that the original installers of the solar panel wired it wrong, used cheap wire and a cheap control box and so what has happened is the controller in the RV is shot and needs to be replaced and also the wiring from the solar panel to the batteries and speaking of batteries they are shot too……now the same people that installed the solar panel installed these life long batteries at the same time, so enough said about that.  The owner did say that he wished he had had just at the outset when I came in this morning replaced all these parts and did the work instead of spending time and my money on the Engineer!!

They had a cancellation for tomorrow and they can fit me in but there is a question of one of the parts which they don’t stock and trying to find it in town because tomorrow at 5pm they close and because of the long weekend they are closed till Tuesday… I am staying again for the night and it is very comfortable with power, Wi-Fi and clean showers and bathroom and hope they can get the work done tomorrow.

I know it is going to be expensive but what choice do I have I know when I leave Eugene Ramona will have new tires, batteries, a good solar system and the welding that was needed.  She is like my home and I have had a relationship with her for almost 5 years now…57000 miles and over 500 nights sleeping so I really cannot complain the expenses go with the lifestyle and I am happy.

The other problem I have to figure out tomorrow is that of my one remaining tire that needs to be replaced …I was supposed to go there tomorrow but if I don't get the work done or done late they may be closed also so I have to check tomorrow and see what their hours are and worst case scenario is I go there on the scooter and bring the tire back with me and get it installed at home….

apr20 007apr20 009

So that is my update I had a great roast beef dinner in Ramona, had a hot shower and now tea and a movie….

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that my camera got damaged with all the girls using it at Casa Hogar so I took the opportunity yesterday of treating myself to a new camera

apr19 010-1

It does all my other one did plus it is shockproof, waterproof and dust proof so it is the kind of camera my lifestyle needs and the other camera I shall save and give to the girls in November.  This photo below

apr20 003

taken off the TSN website is of my great friends in England, Margaret and Ian, their son, Luke who lives now in Canada and does the soccer  broadcasts for TSN……..he talks about refereeing and as you know that is close to my heart…

Ok enough for one day…..if I need extra cash I know I can count on you my friends!!!!


Croft said...

Well, what can we say? So sorry this has happened and if I feel like puking (which I do), I can only imagine what you are feeling.

If the MH is stationary, jack it up and take the wheel and tire over to the shop and have them install the tire on the wheel and put it back on. Better yet, the tire shop will do service calls and will come over to Ramona to do the work. At this point, what's another few dollars? Probably better than driving home on the old tire. There are border considerations as well. There is just no good news!

You are right. When you leave Eugene it will be in a perfect motorhome!

mexicokid said...

Thanks Croft,,it really is Ok for me I know that it has to be done and Ramona has been REALLY good to me...keep you informed cheers Les

living.boondockingmexico said...

Just curious, where did you have the solar done? If you want to say. Send me an email.

Jean and Skip said...

if it's any consolation Les, we had our solar installed at AM Solar, and we are really pleased with the system and their work.

mexicokid said...

Chris I had it done at a dealer on Vancouver Island i will e mail you their details if you need and thanks everyone in this town has been so friendly and helpful..thanks everyone Les

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