Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday 14th April 2011……well the fun has ended now hard driving!!!

It was a short 20 mile drive today to Scottsdale and the Fry’s(supermarket) parking lot where I am staying the night.  My buddy Eric came and picked me up and we went out for lunch caught up on all our happenings over the winter and then back to his condo and then down to the pool and hot tub for the afternoon…

arp14 001

arp14 002Eric and the stare!!!

arp14 003

I enjoyed the swimming and the dips in the hot pool.

At 6pm there was a small party at the pool for one of the residents who is leaving and I was invited and it really was a nice time the people are like a small family they all come down for the winter and they all talk highly of Eric….but I set them straight!!!

It was a great day and now I am in McDonalds…they all have very fast high speed internet..after this I am going back to the parking lot where I am staying the night the grocery store has one of the Red Box dispensers… a machine where you can rent new release DVD’s for 99 cents….the good thing about this for me is that you can rent one in one city and return it anywhere they have locations, which is in every town…..

I have really enjoyed my last three days with new friends and with old friends.  Tomorrow the serious driving begins and the only schedule I have is that I have to be in Springfield, near Eugene Oregon for late Tuesday afternoon….so I have lots of time and plan to take the small back way highways…will blog as I can wish you a great weekend …

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