Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday 1st April 2011…..I told an unintentional little fib yesterday!!!!!

WOW…April already where is the year going?

Well I revisited my schedule and realized that iI could slow down a little and take another afternoon to have a beach session…..I left Barra at 9.30am and drove straight for 5 hours on twisty and windy and slow roads and also through the chaos that is Puerto Vallarta

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I decided that I could afford to stop and get some afternoon sun so turned into this little sleepy town of Lo De Marcos about one hour north of PV…..the town square

apr1 013

I found this lovely small RV park and I am the only guest, not a beach view but only 75 feet away….  immaculate facilities everything and all for 200 pesos!!!!…the Park!!!

apr1 014

apr1 015

The views out front!!!

apr1 016

apr1 023

apr1 031

This is how I spent the afternoon…

apr1 039

Enjoy the sunset I know I did!!!

apr1 038

apr1 041

apr1 043

apr1 053

Enjoyed another one of the meals I had made in SMA and froze…..I think tomorrow will be a Pemex rest stop… again I may be out of touch for a while take care and have a wonderful weekend…

Map picture

My location!!!


Michael Kane said...

Looks like a sweet little RV spot!! I know you enjoyed the beach.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Gorgeous sunset pictures.

Kevin and Ruth

Friday 20th July 2018......Friday again?????

The header at the top of the page is the back of the house and back yard with customary deer!!!!! It is getting later every