Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday 30th April 2011……Wow I have been back a week already!!!

Where did the week go???   May 1st tomorrow hard to believe…

OK here is a little mind game for you…….

imagine you are sat up in bed with big fluffy pillows behind you…

you have a cup of tea in your hands

you are watching a liver soccer game from England on TV

out of the bedroom window you see the ocean

you see the mountains on the mainland

there is a deer in the yard

eagles are flying over head

the sun is shining


THAT was me at 8am this morning!!!

Heather and Kirby were off in different directions and I volunteered to drive Zach,  the youngest son, who is golf crazy up to Comox for a golf tournament!!

Map picture

We left at 11am and after I dropped him at the golf course I went and did some shopping then went for a nice long walk on the beach…my knee and leg are feeling much better although my knee is still a little swollen…..but I had a knee brace for it and the walk felt good.

This is where I went



A beautiful day for a beach walk!!




Amazing really less than two weeks ago I was walking the beach in Mexico!!!

Map picture


Ramona seems to get all the attention but I do have a car, her name is Pili and she is great, nothing fancy but always gets me to where I need to go!!!


I then walked down town by the Marina



Afterwards I went to the Library and did some reading and computer work and picked Zach up at 5.30pm..we were home in time to watch the Canucks hockey game and they were beaten in double overtime by Nashville (way to go Croft!!!!).

Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!

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Croft said...

Not my fault! I was yelling instructions throughout the game.

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