Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday 29th April 2011….dump day!!!

My busy day started off by meeting some friends for breakfast and then a visit to see my Financial lady at my bank and then back to the Physio for another session.  My knee and leg are starting to feel better I believe the laser treatments and the ice and the gel are working.

This is one of the nicest views in town in my opinion!!  You can tell by the sky that today was a lovely sunny day.

apr29 004

apr29 007

apr29 006

I then went to help Heather and Kirby do some work at Uncle Bill’s house.  Their oldest son Ben was there too and Ben and I did 7 trips to the dump and recycle depot getting rid of lots of stuff … that took care of the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight was a quiet night watching a couple of hockey games…….wish you all a great weekend!!!


Croft said...

I am not sure how to tell you this without shocking you Les, but ......................... You are getting old!

mexicokid said...

Thats it Croft you are banned from the blog for three days!!!!!!!

Welcome home!!!! Cheers Les

living.boondockingmexico said...

Okay, I think you are in the beginning of life and you'll live forever. Now, does that give me lifetime membership in your blog?

(I have to win Croft in something)

mexicokid said...

Chris you got it my man!!!! Cheers Les

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