Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday 19th April 2011……lovely morning sunny but cool!!

Had a good sleep in the parking lot of the Tire shop and I was ready for them when they opened at 8am….the technician examined my tires and suggested I go with the same sixe as I had on and not go up one size and I agreed to do this but because I had asked for the bigger sizes they only had 5 in stock.  This was not a problem as I have to be in town two more days so they installed the 5 new tires and I shall come back Thursday morning for the other one.  Total cost for everything was $1050 dollars so i was very happy with that….I did get a refund on each tire and with no sales tax,,a great deal.

I then drove to the shop where they are going to do the solar work tomorrow and checked out the situation….the shop is neat there are no signs advertising the business either on the road or the building.

apr19 006

The staff very friendly and told me to come back by 4.30pm and they would set me up for the night.

I also asked about a welding shop as I needed the scooter bracket to be looked at.  They told me there was a shop next door so I went and they checked it out and said it really needs to get fixed but they could not do that kind of work but they directed me to another shop in town.  So I drove there and again it was inspected and told it needs to be fixed but he could not do that kind of work but he was so kind to go his office and call around and found me a shop that could perhaps do the work…..off I went there and again a family operation very friendly and they checked it out and said they could do it.  I had to take Bonita off the rack and away into the shop.

apr19 001

I went into the office and used my computer and their Wi-Fi to catch up on stuff.

The owner’s dog was in the office and this is the first dog I have seen with diamond studs in both ears!!!!

apr19 002X marks the studs!!

90 minutes later the worker came out saying all done and it is really safe now!!!  I was again very happy but joyous when they told me the cost…. 80 dollars and of course no tax!!!!  This was like being in Mexico I really was expecting a bill in three figures!!!

apr19 003

Looks much better!!!

Did some shopping and stocked up the fridge and a couple of things I needed then went back to the solar shop.

People in this town have been so friendly…..they fixed me up parking behind the shop, I am plugged in, have Wi-Fi and hot showers and a clean bathroom and I am listening to the Canucks getting hammered by Chicago Blackhawks!!

Views from my parking spot!!

apr19 005

apr19 007

Had a great supper and I have a movie to watch later and will get a good nights sleep and at 8.30am they will start work on the “problem”.

The only little downside is that knee has flared up again….so back to ice and bandage and you know there is no way I am going anywhere near a Doctor!!!

Life is good…..

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Rick said...

Les, I'm enjoying your journey.
A doctor's visit in the USA can be inexpensive but emergency rooms are nuts.
There are urgent care clinics popping up all over the country and you can walk in anytime and pay anywhere from $35 to $75.
With insurance companies making all the money doctors are only paid about $35 for a visit.
If you make an appointment to a specialist and tell them you are paying for the visit it should be inexpensive. I had to do this including an X-ray,and it was only $150.

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