Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday 2nd April 2011……I am turning into a serial fibber!!!!

Changed my plans again and here I am…..

Well the day didn’t start out too well I noticed last night the new tire that was installed the other day was a bit flat and this morning it was very noticeably flat..I was lucky enough to find a very small and dinky repair shop really close by..

apr2 001

apr2 002

he didn’t have all the fancy equipment but he managed to get the tire off and check it and it was Ok but then he found the problem the air was leaking out of the large valve stem attachment.  This piece is a help to inflate the tires and he took it off and I will get it fixed in the USA….he then put the wheel back on and about 30 minutes later I was on the road, what a great job he did for me and at a cost of 50 pesos…..4 dollars he got a huge tip!!!!

The swelling in my knee moved down a bit to my upper calf which was quite swollen…a call last night to my personal Nurse Sara and she gave me some treatment advice and I think the driving is aggravating it but the first 90 minutes was hard driving on very twisty roads

apr2 009

apr2 008

apr2 004I always think of my great friend Roy when I see a logging truck, boy I miss the times I spent with him!!!

I did go through one Army checkpoint!!!

apr2 005

This time one of the officers actually came inside I think he was just curious to see inside, very polite!!!

Soon it was easier on my leg as I was on toll roads and could use the cruise control

apr2 012

apr2 013

Listened to two live soccer games from England!!!

apr2 010

I again re-checked my itinerary and I realized that I was making good time and I could afford an extra day lay over so here I am

apr2 025

I have stayed here a few times before and it is very nice and no that is not a 100 dollars but a 100 pesos per night!!!

So I had a drive of 320 miles but I feel good after a shower and a nice supper…can you stand some more sunset photos??

apr2 027

About 75 yards from the ocean…

apr2 033

apr2 036

apr2 039

So the plan is to be here all day and spend tomorrow night so I will post tomorrow….

Yippee another beach day!!!!

Map picture

My location!!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

Your pictures are more sinful than your fibs :)

mexicokid said...

it took you 4 years to figure that out!!!

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