Saturday, April 09, 2011

Friday 8th April 2011……Day 4

After a really good sleep I went walking around  8am and found a small little Tortilla  shop selling hot T and I think I have the secret for a new Mexican breakfast…..called SJT!!!!  Catchy isn’t it??

copper canyon 102

saw this truck on the main street

copper canyon 103

I wonder where they are going and what they are going to do?

Love this sign outside a restaurant by the train station

copper canyon 104-1

I was all packed up and ready at the train station when the train came at 11.30am this time first class…

copper canyon 105

The seat were very plush, carpets and the staff trying to sell souvenirs…Mum and her two sons were in front of me and after they I gave the kids  some gum they wanted a wet wipe when they saw me using one…too funny!!

copper canyon 110

I found this article in the on board magazine

copper canyon 107

On one stop where you are not allowed to get off they come to you and I did buy a couple of baskets!!

copper canyon 108

Why is he on my blog??

copper canyon 106

He was one of the rudest and arrogant Englishman I have ever met, a disgrace to my homeland!!!!!

Some spectacular views….


copper canyon 111-1

copper canyon 112

copper canyon 114

copper canyon 117

The above photo is where the train does a 360 degree loop…amazing!!!

copper canyon 120

copper canyon 121

copper canyon 122

I arrived back in El Fuerte at 6pm and Ramona was waiting for me and the first thing on the agenda was a cup of tea!!!

I wrote some blog and watched a movie and relived that fabulous few days I had and another item checked off the bucket list……it was a real treat and I shall always remember flying through the canyon!!!!

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