Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday 11th April 2011…..150 days later

and my last full day in Mexico!!!!

It was a lovely warm, blue sky day and I celebrated by about a 9km beach walk started here

apr11 002

and the X below is my destination!!!

apr11 003

You can see the beach was packed…

apr11 001

apr11 007

apr11 014

X marks my return walk!!

apr11 010

apr11 005

It was a lovely walk which I enjoyed….back home it was time for chores

apr11 016

Followed by R & R

apr11 015

Then went into town for a few last minute supplies and found my last strawberry stand

apr11 017

I love the street corners you never know what you might find…

apr11 018

Back at the RV park spent the rest of the afternoon and evening getting Ramona ready, packed up Bonita, cleaned and dusted and sorted things out for the border crossing at Nogales tomorrow.

The plan from here is the 6 hour drive to the Border then go another 35 miles to a town called Tubac in Arizona.  My friends Ruth and Kevin put me onto a website club called Couch Surfers…it is a world wide organization for travellers….you can register and offer your home up for overnights guests to sleep on your couch, no money changes hands and it is a chance to meet like minded people…so I figured out where I might be tomorrow late afternoon and searched the Tubac area and found a family and e mailed them and I am invited to stay the night the difference for me is that I do not need to sleep in the house just a level parking spot for Ramona…so my first experience tomorrow..will keep you posted.

From there I travel to Phoenix where I shall spend the day with my poker buddy friend from Nanaimo, Eric, who is wintering down there so it will be fun to see him and catch up.  I then start the long journey north and home.  I have to be in Springfield, near Eugene, Oregon on Wednesday the 20th I have an appointment at a solar dealership to finally I hope get the clicking problem in Ramona solved.

From there it is back to my family on the Bank in Nanaimo in time for Easter dinner!!!!

Map picture

What a journey it has been and thanks for coming along with me!!

I will post when I can in the next few days probably from public libraries……take care!!!

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Kevin and Ruth said...

Good luck with the border crossing. Enjoy you're night with your couchsurfing hosts. We love this site. Kevin is actually couchsurfing Thursday night in Bangor, Maine on his drive back to Nova Scotia.

Kevin and Ruth

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