Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday 15th April 2011…a pretty uneventful day!!!!

My sleep last night was a good one and I enjoyed the movie….I picked another movie up for tonight.

apr15 001

The roads were mainly like this today

apr15 002

except when I passed by Sin City!!!

apr15 006

What is that white stuff??

apr15 011

About 6pm it was time to stop for the night and I am parked at the back of this hotel/casino in Beatty, Nevada!!

apr15 014

I am picking up Internet from the hotel so as I write I am listening to the Vancouver hockey game!!

Checked my e mails and my good friends from Campbell River, Norma and Croft are about 150km in front of me had I known I would have driven a bit more and met them and WATCHED the game!!!

A long driving day 410 miles my knee and my other leg are a bit sore but I did stop for lots of rests…..have a great evening!!

Map picture


Los Olivos Limousine Service said...

if you come thru santa barbara..let me know!!!

Los Olivos Limousine Service said...

aka sylvia ..who has enjoyed your blog!!

mexicokid said...

thanks for reading the blog SB is a bit out of my way this trip Les

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