Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday 12th April 2011…….Back in the good old US of A!!!!!

Left San Carlos at 7am this morning and the drive to the Border at Nogales took me just over 6 hours and good roads…

This is the first RV actually on the road I have seen all winter, really quite amazing..

apr12 001

On these good roads I set my cruise control to 57 mph and stay there the funny thing about this RV is that after they passed me about 5 miles down the road there was a huge Military checkpoint and I was in line behind them and as luck would have it they got pulled over to have a full search and I was waived through!!!

My last toll booth

apr12 003

There are special lanes for trucks and this one was backed up for many miles!!

apr12 004

I had a wait of only 15 minutes…

apr12 007

The Immigration officer was so young and he was polite and sent me onto the inspection area where an agent followed me into Ramona…the first thing he saw was my Bobbies helmet that I have hanging in the corner and that was it he wanted to know all about my police history…a few minutes later he asked if I had anything I should not have and I told him I had some sliced turkey that I had intended to give to a street person at the border but I didn’t see any…he smiled at me and said you better have it in a sandwich later on….then wished me a save journey!!!

At this point I would like to post photos of Welcome to the USA signs..anything…but nothing so this is the best I can do!!!

apr12 008

I drove about 30 miles to the small town of Tubac

apr12 011


where I was going to meet Erika my couch surfing host, she had given me directions to her home and I actually met her about 2 blocks away as she was driving home…….well my first couch surfing stay is going to be hard to beat…Erika is a charming friendly lady who opened up her beautiful adobe condo to me….we sat and chatted for a while and I knew she had a prior dinner engagement so before she left she showed me around and said to make myself at home and then gave me the key for the pool and hot tub area across the street..amazing!!!!!

apr12 012

My legs really enjoyed the 20 minute dip in the hot tub!!

apr12 016

Ramona’s home for the night..

apr12 032

apr12 021

Erika’s beautiful condo!!!

apr12 013

apr12 014

apr12 028

apr12 026

apr12 029

So a great day all around, a good journey, no border hassles and staying in a safe and lovely place and a new friend……blessings Les

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