Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday 1st February 2016..Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!

That was one quick month that just went by........around 9am I was all packed and ready for the road said goodbye and thanks to my wonderful hosts Claire and Andy and I started my journey on the famous Great Ocean Road.
I wanted to stop and take this photo but saw folks there so I snapped these two shots as I drove by and as I did so I said to myself that sure looks like Venus Williams and then when I downloaded the photos sure enough it is Venus!!!

The road runs mainly on the coast west from Melbourne for about 300km...the parts I saw today were quite lovely

There was a couple of waterfalls I wanted to check out so I turned inland into the hills and the rain forests and the road got a lot narrower...
I found the track for the two falls
The hike to the both was about 9 km and the track quite small and a bit hilly
 To be honest the waterfalls were not all that great I realize it is the middle of summer so the flow will not be full but again both falls could only be seen from viewing platforms with no way to get any closer but I did enjoy the hike and seeing the falls without any other tourists around..

I have booked an apartment for two days in Cobden
 On the map it is the top left hand corner as seen below..
I am about 20 minutes from the ocean and the reason I chose this place is that it is close to some wonderful(I hope) beach hikes I want to do over the next two days.
I found the apartment around 5pm and it is a separate place on a rural non working farm and it sits on-top of  a wonderful valley...the hostess is again lovely and although the apartment is a bit dated with stuff it is great, clean and check it out!!

 Fresh bread to go with the bacon, eggs, juice and milk in the fridge, nice touch!!

 Love this.... a while since I played this game I shot a few balls but I lost!!!
 My deck and wonderful view of the valley!!

So I have done well again with accommodation!!!
Had a nice light supper and then watched a movie and now after doing the blog ready for bed!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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