Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday 23rd February 2016...I think you will enjoy this post!!!

I was just wondering do you ever get bored reading my daily musings????
Another good sleep and breakfast and on the road by 8.45 am as you can see below only a short drive today!!

My first stop was here which I was told was a favourite place for the kangaroos to come onto the beach but I knew I was a little late in the morning for them

but still a really nice beach and I enjoyed the walk..so this is looking one way

this the other way

and this a close up

guess what do you actually see just one tiny small little pebble??? Me neither so I have no idea how this beach derived it's name!!
Still a nice walk even without roos!!!

The drive in and out was nice with the sun bursting through the forests...

It was getting quite hot with forecasts of up to 34 degrees which is hot so I decided it was time for a swim and the next town I came into I went to the Visitor's center and asked for a save beach and was directed here

it looked awesome stretching as far as the eye could see and the water blue and inviting

and the swim was totally wonderful but I made the mistake of leaving my camera on the beach even though I had it hidden inside my crocks someone still managed to get it whilst I was splashing around having fun...funnily enough they did not steal it.....no idea why they wanted it!!!

Just remember it is my blog to do as I wish with it...don't answer Croft you will only get banned yet again!!!
The lady at the center also told me that on my drive I would go past the entrance to Granite Falls and it was worth a visit and she was so right....

A nice shaded path through the forests and then out to the viewing platform

I do have to say with the height of the falls and the position of one tree it was really hard to get a total view...
the first two photos are the top and then the bottom!!!

IT really was interesting and again it surprises me that one minute I am swimming in the blue ocean and 45 minutes later in quite dense forest with these views!!

It was time for me to head to my town for the next two nights....a lovely name

Stopped first at the supermarket and bought a few supplies.

I have a downstairs apartment fully equipped with everything I need and one of many reasons why I chose this place is that it is separate from the main house, has cooking facilities is close to what I wrote yesterday was one of Australia's whitest beaches but which I now find out is home to one of the world's whitest beaches (we will see tomorrow)..also close to a long coastal hike and finally the airbnb advert states usually kangaroos in the yard.
I have the whole of downstairs..

View from the bedroom..

My host Judie is lovely and had supplied me with fresh bread, eggs, she has two chickens, milk, juice fruit...the place is just perfect.

It was now around 4pm and I unpacked got things sorted and pulled a chair outside on the front lawn and finished my book...those Lee Child books are my kind of books...

I then prepared myself what turned out to be a great dinner...slowly cooked chicken in a mushroom and mushroom soup sauce...and pots and carrots steamed.....a fabulous meal two burners and two pots!!!

As I was eating my dinner Judie tapped on the door and suggested I go into my bedroom and look out the window.....

Where can you stay and have this not 20 feet away!!!!!

It was getting close to sundown and the house is close to an inlet and I walked to the end of the street and caught the final setting of the sun!!!!

Home for a shower and now the blog.
There is no Internet here but my stick seems to work fine.....the stick has been a great bargain it was 15 dollars and the salesman did not know that also included some free data time..I have used it a little I don’t know how much but still have 1.7 something left whatever that means!!
This shows how far I am from Melbourne and close to Sydney!!

I did enjoy that swim and I intend to hike along 4 beaches tomorrow and finish up with a swim..it will be hot so lots of drinks.!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Lovely trip you are having. We leave SMA on Monday. This place feels so like home after only three months.

mexicokid said...

yes it does grow on you for sure..safe journey home les

Croft said...

Nice Roo! Norma says it may be distantly related to her deer so she would love to feed it. I said nothing about the strange camera incident.

mexicokid said...

I think so too...good boy on the camera!!!!! Cheers and safe travels les

Carol said...

No... we do not get bored!! I save it for last thing of my day and love every post. :) I am fascinated by the beauty of coastal SE Oz, which I must admit to ignorance... I had no idea! One question... what is a goanna?

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