Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday 25th February 2016....Question!!!!!!!

So how do you start your mornings???
When you turn over look at the alarm clock and finally stretch your legs and get out of bed what do you do first??
Is it the little girl's or little boy's room?
Do you just have to clean your teeth?
Or has the coffee fix after all these years got to you?
Maybe wash your hands and face before you face the world?
I am sure we all have our little routines in the mornings but I can say without question I know that none of you ever get out of bed come out of the bedroom and there right outside your screen  door and be greeted by this sight!!!!!

I am positive this one would have come in the apartment if I had let him

what a great family!!!

The family Mum and Dad and 2 kids had come is obvious that previous guests have been feeding them as they were right at the door looking in with that look on their faces saying “where is breakfast”!!!

They stayed about 75 minutes just sunning themselves on the lawn......then I could hear all the birds and finally found them in the big tree..they move really quickly so the photos are not that great but the colors were vibrant..

Look carefully three parrots....

and finally birds and roos!!!!!!

So all this activity and i had only been up 20 minutes!!!!

Around 9.30am I went with Judie to the  national park to her favorite beach, Murray's Beach

 and as you can see it is pretty nice...

Judie let me use her snorkel and mask and i spent at least 30 minutes in the wonderful water exploring the rocks..saw heaps of fish or should that be schools of fish including a small manta ray and what i think was a blue cod which was about 16 inches long.
I then went for a short hike to a view point of a bird Sanctuary called Bowen Island..

I think it is about time to spice up my blog a bit and as a graphic warning these next shots contains scenes of partial nudity and  require parental guidance or you have to be over 60 to view...


No comments anyone!!!!!

I swam lots and enjoyed a lazy morning...we came back around 11am and I showered and got packed up and was on the road by noon.
Only had a bout 120 km to go to my next airbnb stay it is in a family home with my own bedroom and bathroom and again just a lovely home with nice hosts Joanne and Brian

The little patio outside my bedroom..

and breakfast is also is a mountain bike which I will use tomorrow to spend the day exploring there is a cycle path that runs for 20km along the beach front...

I am staying here two nights before I finally arrive in Sydney on Saturday in preparation for my flight to Brisbane the next day.

Joanne and Brian are going out for dinner tonight with some friends to a local pub and they invited me join them and I did and met some really nice folks and had a good dinner!!

Bit of a day don't you think??

Yashi Kochi!!

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