Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday 31st January 2016...a day of firsts!!!!!!!!!!!

I find it quite incredible that this is the last day of January this month just went by in a blur!!!
Woke up to still grey skies and temperatures really not normal for this part of the world at this time of the year.
Today was a road trip to a town called Lorne about 30 minutes away where I was to experience my first Australian waterfall and as you can see it is a nice high fast flowing one..

Unfortunately this was just a viewing falls no way to get any closer or to the base of the falls.
I then drove a few more miles and then hiked about 45 minutes to these nice gentle cascades..

 This is where I sat quietly and enjoyed some lunch thinking how lucky I am to have been on the road since May and all without any problems just lots of wonderful people and everlasting sights!!!

 This is the trail going back to the car park the smells were invigorating and I think this is a eucalyptus tree..

In the guide book I have it tells of a road off the beaten track where sometimes koalas are spotted so I found the road and rounded the bend and three of four vehicles are stopped with their emergency lights flashing so I stopped got out of the car to see what was going on..well it turns this is what is going on!!!!

He was just sitting in the middle of road and you could see how close I could get he looked so cute but I bet that those claws can do some damage.....I went back to the car and turned around a few yards down the road and when I came back he was where he should be!!!

So another first koala bear sighting!!!

Some views of the coastal drive..

Silver streak taking in the sights and the good ocean air!!!!

I stopped at this next lookout and could not believe my eyes!!!!
 There were 1000's!!!
 The next stop my guide book told me about was a golf course where sometimes kangaroos roam freely...well wait for it another FIRST!!!!
 See the baby laying down??
What a drive it was today!!!
I came home to the cabin around 4pm and the sun was out and it was hot so I sat on the back stoop with a cool drink and my Kobo and spent an hour enjoying myself!!!
My lovely hostess knocked on my door around 5.30pm and asked if I would be interesting in coming over for supper at 7.30pm and watch the live Men's tennis finals on the big screen!!!
Well I did have to think about this for maybe a nano that is where I went tonight...they have a lovely home and I asked Andy questions about farming and sheep and learned lots...the dinner was lovely and the match fascinating..congratulations Novak!!!!, I just wished I could play at least one of the shots!!!
What a wonderful two weeks of enjoying Melbourne, the farm and the tennis!!!
So I leave the farm tomorrow and travel west on the Great Ocean road should be fun wanna catch a ride??????
Yashi Kochi!!!!

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