Thursday, February 04, 2016

Thursday 4th february 2016...time to hit the road!!!

Packed up and was on the road by 9.30am the map shows where my destination tonight is Mount Gambier
Just a little left of center!!!
The drive was mainly just a bit in land and quite uneventful but in the afternoon I took a turn to go back to the beach and do this hike!!
It was a great hike with panoramic views of the coast..

It was a good climb to the top

ON the rocks below is where the seal colonies are located and these were the best shots I could get!!

It was an enjoyable walk and I drove another few minutes up the road for another short hike!!

There was a blow hole sign just along the track and I waited a few minutes witnessed some pretty mean waves but no blow hole!!

Back on the road again I crossed the State line into
One of those quirky things now I have to put my clock back 30 minutes!!!!
Around 5pm I was driving into
and then Silver streak will have a rest...

This is a bit different like a B & B and I have a bedroom and my own bathroom and my own fridge and full us of the facilities of the house the owners Di and Jock are lovely and made me feel well at home and will provide me with breakfast

...I am staying two nights and Jock told me about a light and sound show in the town centre every night so I walked down and to see this huge sinkhole or Ceynote as they call them in Mexico it was was quite different having it located in the town square surrounded by wonderful rose gardens...the last ceynote I saw was in San Loius Potosi in Mx....I actually dived it into and swam but not this one!!!

It was an interesting time and they do the light and sound show every night but tonight I was the only one there and it was a bit cool and windy....
So another good day and tomorrow I have two hikes planned!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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