Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday 22nd February 2016...Sunny and hot a perfect beach day!!!

Last night after dinner Mariano and I sat down with tea and had a great chat...he is of Italian decent, a retired chef and has lots of good stories and I really like him because he thought we were the same age.....he is 58!!!!!
One of the things he said resonated with me because I had the same feel about SMA.........he said that when he retired and he and his wife Ann decided to downsize and move out of the city it took them a few weeks to find this lovely little village and then buy their beautiful home but what he said about the village is that it feels to him like the place where you come to in order to collect all the karma you have given out in your life...quite profound!!
Beautiful hot sunny morning and I was treated to a lovely fruit and yogurt platter and I was on the road by 8.30am..about two minutes later on this quiet country road I rounded the corner and there he was just sitting in the road staring me down!!!!
There was no traffic so i was just stopped in the road and after about 30 seconds he bounded away into the bus.....I love seeing them!!!
This is wonderful fertile farm land so rich and green obviously they get a good amount or rain!!

By 9am I was doing my first beach walk

Had a great beach walk there is something invigorating about walking a pristine beach early in the one else in sight and the sun on your shoulders!!!
I was in no rush because I was only driving a short distance today so I wanted to stop and walk any beach that looked interesting and I found another great walking beach a little distance away.

Then a short while later I found a shaded spot for Sivler streak while I did another walk!!

This was another one of those strange beaches where the sand actually squeaks as you walk on it and please no comment about my toes none of us are perfect!!!
The next stop was told to me by Mariano and it is called Potato Point and he told me to walk around the point up on to the headland and then into the bush what for you may ask????
Here is your answer!!!

They were keeping out of the sun and they are such unusual looking animals and boy can they move fast!!!
Another beach walk...
Around 4pm I arrived at the little town of
An unusual name apparently there is a small fruit bearing tree by the same name...
The house where I am staying the night
The owners were not home but their daughter was to greet is a lovely open plan and i have the whole upstairs

I had an early supper and then went for my final beach walk to a small beach close to the house...

I met the owners later on in the evening and we had a cup of tea together......boy did I enjoy those beach walks...
Tomorrow I continue my route towards Sydney and I have a place tomorrow a small apartment for two nights and it is supposed to be close to the whitest sandy beach in Australia!!!
yashi Kochi!!

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