Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday 26th February the Red Arrow!!!

Glad I had a fan in the bedroom last night it was a hot one but today much different a drop in temperature from 38 to about 22 degrees, very cloudy a bit windy but not cold.
Joanne had prepared a wonderful fruit dish for me and if I wanted I could help myself to bacon and eggs but just had the fruit and some cereal and got packed up as Brian very kindly offered to lend me one of his bikes and gave me directions and in 5 minutes I was at the ocean...there is a lovely cycle path that follows the coast in both directions and I did almost the whole of it on....

Red Arrow!!!
Great pathways
Come along for a bike ride with me...

There were three of these man made pools along the route...a neat concept!!

Great views but you can see how dark the mountains are...

My lunch stop watching these guys again!!!

on my way back to the house..

Saw some pretty flowers too...

I had a great time and rode maybe 22 km...back at the house I enjoyed my tea and a read on the back patio.
When Brian came home he told me about a nice rain forest hike so I went and did that only took me an hour but so wonderful to be at the beach and the forest in a short distance....some of the paths I took.

I stopped in at a local pub on the way home and had a delicious home cooked pork dinner.
Tonight I got my suitcase out and packed it as best I could ready for my flight on Sunday.
So another entertaining and different day.
Yashi Kochi!!

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