Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sayurday 13th February 2016.....well that was a long day!!

So long and I was tired when I got home that I left the post for this morning!!!.

I knew I was in for a fun day and I packed up some food and lots of drinks and out of the house just before 9am...
Lorraine had told me where and how easy it was to get into the city..from the house I walked about 3 blocks and caught this tram
into the city and then another tram to here
As in Mexico I enjoy walking through markets and to take in the smells, sights and sounds...this is a huge market with different sections for different products!!!

My first time for seeing this advertised and no I did not buy any!!!
I then took another tram back into town where the iconic Flinders Street Station is located..
I was getting pretty good with all the different trams and took another one to here
The venue for the Edinburgh Tattoo...
The stadium was packed and sit back and enjoy the photos sorry with all the lights it was not possible to get really good photographs....

This was over two and a half hours of non stop music and action which I so was very well orchestrated and an event to remember!!!
Yet another tram back to the city centre where I did a bit of shopping relaxed in McDonald's with a milk hshake before taking yet another tram to the venue for the soccer game....
I did not have a ticket but knew I could buy one at the box office which I did and as you will see got a really good seat.
This was a local deryby between to the two Melbourne teams
City being the home team but the away team, Victory, had by far the noisier and more boisterous fan support!!

These in my opinion and as a former one, the referees are the most important men on the field and this game unfortunately was not the finest hour for this referee....the game had everything you could hope for...lots of goals, exciting rushes, nasty fouls, bad tempers and even a sending off and ended in a 2 all tie which I think was unfair to the Victory team they did deserve to win!!

26000 fans in attendance and they sure got their money's worth...
My final tram of the day.....because a lot of the trams were in what they call the free zone, all the trams today cost me a total of less than 5 me home just before 11pm.....I went straight into the shower and then bed exhausted but thrilled at my final day in this beautiful city!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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