Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday 27th February 2016...well it had to happen sooner or later!!!!

Another restful sleep and a cuppa tea whilst checking my e mails in bed this morning!!!
Joanne had made me another fruit and yogurt breakfast and I had asked Brian about waterfalls and he had made up a map for me to go on a little detour to Sydney.
This was another lovely stay with such great people who go so much out of their way to make sure that I am comfortable and happy.
I was on the road by 9am and for the first 20 minutes it was on Freeway but then i got onto country roads in the mountains with the clouds quite low
I just liked the colours on this cute thing!!!
I was soon at my destination
and the hike to
I have not had the opportunity to visit too many rain forest but this one was just wonderful and about a 3km hike through the forest to the falls.....the smells were awesome, the noises of the birds like a choir in the trees and the track was well maintained and some of those trees out of this world...

Isn't that tree so cool??
So the reward for the uphill  hike was these wonderful falls!!!
 I love to do this little trick!!

I did enjoy all aspects of this was then back in the car and what would a rain forest be if it did not rain..
About a 25 minute drive found me here
A short hike to a wonderful water fall unfortunately the photos to not do it full justice as this falls cascaded over the rocks but then fell into a slot canyon and through to a gorge...quite special!!!

It was again a special time for me.
Back on to the highway on my way to Sydney and i crossed this fabulous feat of construction..

The only other interesting stop was to watch these men trying to be birds!!!


UP UP!!!!
and UP UP AND AWAY!!!!
So you have got this far and I bet you are thinking what is the meaning of the heading....
well I am going to tell you!!!
Since I left my home in San Miguel the middle of May I have traveled many countries,,,,done hours of research and made a lot of bookings all without one single problem and I knew soon or later it would have to end and today it did in two ways!!!
If you have been a regular reader you will know that tomorrow I am flying out of Sydney to Brisbane where I have been offered a house and pet sit position for ten days...I have been in regular contact with my hosts and all was arranged for me to arrive tomorrow so it was a big shock when I opened an e mail this afternoon to be informed that the hosts had to cancel their trip!!!
They did very kindly offer for me to still stay at their home with them and I very politely turned this down...I am disappointed on many levels....I had made special plans and spent money and also was looking forward to be grounded for two weeks but as they always say here :no worries".
I immediately got on the air bnb website and have found a nice small apartment and booked it for tomorrow night for 4 days this will give me chance to sort out what I am going to do as I still have to be in Sydney on the 13th March for another house sit still going ahead with tomorrows flight and car hire.
The other problem I had and i knew this was going to happen I had that gut feeling which turned out right...the airbnb hostess where i was staying had not answered my e mails and airbnb also e mail her to let her know i am when i got to the house around 6pm there was no one there i called her on her cell and got the answering machine and left a message......there was a pub close by and I went and got some dinner and then called her again and the same message i had to decide what to do and i told her that because she was unavailable I would have to make alternative arrangements.
So here I am 7pm close to the airport and no where to stay...back to airbnb searched the site and found a place close by and e mailed the luck runs true she answered right back saying she would love to have me stay the within 10 minutes i was there with Indigo and her lovely 85 year young Mum, Kimball.....the room is great

but much nicer than the room are these two great ladies they are spoiling me rotten(I deserve it) and the best part is Indigo is married to a Mexican man and she has visited San Miguel.
So my suitcase is packed and I had a lovely bath and tea and two cookies with the girls and now ready for bed!!!

I have to be at the car rental at 8am in the morning and my flight is only 90 minutes and leaves at continues to be good!!
Yashi Kochi!!

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