Thursday, February 18, 2016

Friday 19th February 2016...a little slice of heaven!!!

Good morning and a lovely morning it is I had my yogurt and fruit on the patio with the mountains in my long view and the birds were close by making all sorts of another blog without photos so will do my best to describe my day!!!
I did some planning and found the National Park I wanted to explore and set off around 9am....
A couple of weeks ago maybe even more I wrote about how I took the wrong turn to a waterfall and how silly it was of me I also wrote that this happens quite frequently to me I just do not pay enough attention and I should study the maps and routes more carefully.....well it happened again today not only did I not read the map correctly I went off completely in the wrong direction!!!! I wasted maybe 45 minutes of gas and drive time and I was ticked at myself!!!! I did promise myself to try to be more diligent in future ..we will see!
Once on the right road I found the park and did three different hikes...One to a Pinnacles lookout which was a fusion of white and coffee coloured peaks quite spectacular...I tried to get down to the beach but it was not possible.
Then I did a beach hike to a beach that stretched as far as I could see.....white perfect sand and blue pounding surf and no one in sight it really was beautiful as you will see when I post the photos when I can in a couple of days.
The last hike in this park was to Hancock's point and this too was wonderful...the rock formations are curious and sharp and some of the rocks quite high......I really enjoyed these hikes.
Next was to a waterfall that my hostess wrote and told me about...talking about my hostess I did not mention yesterday that she is not here this is her holiday home she lives in the city, which one I don't know, but she has been in touch by e mail and there is a local phone in the house and she called last night to see if everything was sweet!!
Anyway the directions to Nethercote Falls were not really great and with my experience today it took a while to find but I did find the turn off the road but then it got tricky I came to a junction with three narrow gravel roads.....there were the stand for signs but no signs at all......I took one track and soon realized this could not be right and I had a long hard time to turn around but I did.....I then took another track and after about a mile came to a small car park with tables and benches and again sign posts without signs......there was a bit of an obvious path that I took down for about 2km and I came to a small river which I waded across but the path seemed to disappear I was about to give up and turn back when a couple came down and he was a local and told me that the council and the Fire department had removed all the signs about the falls because there had been a few incidents of injury and they did not want to become liable......he obviously knew the way and I followed them for about a km until I came out to the falls and it is like a slice of paradise..reminds me in a little way of my favourite hike back in San Miguel with the bridge and the canyon...this was a narrow slot canyon and a lovely swimming pool and a waterfall cascading over the ridge in the end about 20 feet high just beautiful!!!!
I just relaxed had my lunch and just enjoyed the sight and the sound of the falls and soon the couple left and I was on my own.....I was debating about swimming to the falls base and the pool looked OK but I let my better senses take over, Yes LINDA I can hear you saying about time!!! and did not swim but I did wade a little it was cool but refreshing!!!
It was about 30 minute drive home and I was back just after 4pm and it was a lovely day....the yard is huge here and with the car port Silver streak is cool and I washed her to get all the gravel dust off her.....
Got out my Kobo and read for an hour before showering and fixing a light dinner and now going to watch a movie.
I think I have my hike for tomorrow planned it is a long one so just hope I find it without a repeat performance of today...

Yashi Kochi!!

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