Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday 28th February 2016...a New State!!!

Ladies you know that I am almost a day ahead of most of you but tomorrow here is the 29th of February so I shall be awaiting by my computer all day in the hopes that one of you wants to ask me that question????

This morning Indigo and her Mum had breakfast ready for me and they wanted to see me off...they have both been so kind to me and then Indigo once she knew I was returning back to Sydney at the end of March offered to have me leave anything I did not need at her I took her up and took a few things out of my suitcase and I told Indigo that I already had an airbnb booked for the night i return but that I would cancel that and book her instead and later in the day i did exactly that!!

So I was out of the house just before 8am and it was a 10 minute drive to return Silver Streak to the agency, she has been a faithful servant and so glad I had no problems.....just drove up and left the car and jumped in their shuttle and i was at the terminal a few minutes later I went to check in with this airline where I had booked a couple of months ago
that is when I was informed the flight had to be cancelled because of some engineering mix up, good thing to find out before we took off, anyway they had transferred me to a Qantas flight leaving just 15 minutes later than my scheduled flight and all I had to do was to go to a different terminal, all really easy.
I was lucky to get a window seat
I really think some of these cloud formations are quite lovely and it is unusual I think to get such good shots through the window!!!

First time I have flown Qantas and I was very impressed with their service, the seats and even free cookies and juice!!!
The flight was only 80 minutes and the landing much better than the last time I was in a plane in NZ!!!!
If you wonder sometimes why your suitcases get damaged I can tell you why after watching this hard working man....
After I picked up my suitcase which survived it's maiden flight I used the courtesy phone to call the car rental agency for a shuttle ride to their office a wait of about 10 minutes...
The car was waiting for me and after the paper work was done off i went with my new GPS telling me where to go in Silver Streak TOO!!!!
So I am now in the State of Queensland and home of the Gold coast which is where I am is also in a different time zone hour behind Sydney!!
I had a drive of just over one hour to the airbnb apartment I have booked for three of things I liked about the location is that the street address is Bermuda Street!!!
My lovely hostess Karin was waiting for me and I thanked her for taking me on such short notice....check the place out what you don't see is the fresh bread, fruit, milk, juice and cereal....

The view from my front window
and from the kitchen window

Lots of canals around here.
 I got settled in and asked if I could use the washing machine and Karin kindly did my wash and then I hung my clothes on the line.....
I had stopped off at the store before I arrived so I cooked a nice dinner and then after this going to put my feet up on the couch with this lovely lamp
and watch a movie....
News flash Karin just came to my door with a wonderful meringue type dessert(Yes Linda I know about Lent)!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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