Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday 18th February part two!!!

After saying there was no Internet I found out the general store has a connection and he charges a small fee to use it so that is where I am posting this!!!
Anyway I left the cabin this morning around 9am and drove 150km to this very small town called Wyndham..I chose it because it is central to some mountain and coastal hikes and I am here for three nights...again with good research I found a great airbnb place this one is especially good value as there are three bedrooms....

it is a lovely old house set in wonderful grounds with distant views of the mountains has everything the afore mentioned three bedrooms with my bedroom looking out over a nice patio with mountains in the far distant

...full kitchen and all appliances including washer and a bath TUB!!!!  You know what that means!!!

I cooked a nice supper and after a few chores going to settle down to watch a movie.....I have several short hikes planned for tomorrow....

Obviously you can tell that the Internet is so slow there are no photos so for the next couple of days my wonderful descriptions will have to suffice and yes before you ask you do get a discount in your subscription to the blog!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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