Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday 21st February 2016...Part two!!!!

Before I tell you about today I want to tell you a little bit about my Brother, Malc and his adorable and my wonderful SIL is there 50th wedding anniversary in October which will be an event to remember and I shall be honored to be in attendance and for their gift to each other they have booked a trip to Sydney in late October where they will board the cruise ship...wait for it...THE NOORDAM!!!!  My cruise ship and do the same route I did from Sydney to Auckland ...How cool will that be for them they will love it and I can give them all the info about where to go on the port calls...but that is not what I started to tell you about them.....Malc is a couple of years older than I am and way better looking but we are as different as chalk and cheese...I admire him and look up to him and I am very proud of him and his life and his family.....but even that is not what I was going to tell you about him......
What I was going to tell you about him is that you would think he would be the quiet one, the sensible one, the family man....but no ...look at the photograph I received today.....can you imagine now where I get my foolishness from???
Janet you look so cute!!
What comment can I really make I luv em both!!!!!!

So to today...slept well and as I was packing  up I could hear this really loud piercing screech from the garden I dashed to the door and then went and grabbed my camera

How could such a pretty bird make that kind of shrill sound....there was a bird book in the house and these beauties are called Sulphur crested cockatoos...I am beginning to really enjoy looking out for birds and trying to associate what noise with which bird!!!
I was  on the road by 9.30am and I had planned a few short hikes on my way north and the first stop was here
I went through this town and here was this tennis club right on main street with lots of people around.....not being shy I parked and went into the clubhouse and asked one of the members what the chances would be I could hit some balls with one of the members and she told me normally I could but today was set aside for a Junior's tournament...what a shame!!!
My first hike was

As I was walking back to the car through this great dense forest
As I walked on very suddenly in front of me bounded this animal way too fast to get a photo but he then stopped and decided to check me out...

For quite some years now I have tried to let go of expectations surrounding people or things that I want to see and do because then I am not open to disappointment but as I continue to see all these different species of birds and animals  my mind I will admit does drift to those two months ahead I have in South Africa and I just wonder what animal sightings I am going to have there!!!
The drive continues to be quite spectacular

I then passed through the small town of Bermagui and the lady at the information center told me I had to visit two places and the first one was

How lovely this area was!!!

The next place she mention was a beautiful boardwalk stroll along a picturesque estuary

The views just kept better and better..

The path then led to another rock formation called the

I guess if you stare hard enough and let your imagination go along you can make out a camel...but look closely right in the center of the above photo there is a little white hump with a black speck off to the right...what do you think that black spec is??  Well my trusty zoom will show you exactly what it is...
What a remarkable couple of hours that was.
I was not far away from my stop for the night another airbnb and this time in this tiny village
I walked a little ways through the village and it is quite lovely dotted with older type shops

I found the home where I was staying again with the family but with my own bedroom
With a view
My own bathroom
The home is fabulous and so are the hosts who retired here 7 months ago..after I was settled tea and a carrot muffin appeared and we sat and chatted for a while and then I went and got cleaned up and they invited me to join them for dinner which was just what I needed a delicious home cooked meal and not cooked by me!!!!
I am so thrilled with airbnb every stop seems so great I do a lot of planning and research and it is paying off.....
Such a great bargain and breakfast is included....tomorrow I continue driving further north up the coast!!
Yashi Kochi!!

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