Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Tuesday 2nd february 2016...your lucky day!!!

So why is it your lucky day you may ask??
Tis because today I am going to invite you to drive then hike and explore some of the most amazing rock formations anywhere and all of this at absolutely no charge to you!!!!

The Great Ocean Road is world renown but the main attraction has to be the 12 Apostles...this below is taken from the Internet!!

The Twelve Apostles (Victoria)

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The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles 2011.jpg
LocationNear Port Campbell, Victoria
Coordinates38°39′57″S 143°06′16″E
The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Roadin VictoriaAustralia. Their proximity to one another has made the site a popular tourist attraction. Currently there are eight apostles left, the ninth one of the stacks collapsed dramatically in July 2005. The name remains significant and spectacular especially in the Australian tourism industry.

Formation and history[edit]

2002 before the collapse
A trout
2012 after the collapse
The apostles were formed by erosion: the harsh and extreme weather conditions from the Southern Ocean gradually eroded the soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs, which then became arches, which in turn collapsed; leaving rock stacks up to 50 metres high. Now because of this erosion there are fewer than ten remaining.[1] The site was known as the Sow and Piglets until 1922 (Muttonbird Island, near Loch Ard Gorge, was the Sow, and the smaller rock stacks were the Piglets);[2] after which it was renamed to The Apostles for tourism purposes. The formation eventually became known as the Twelve Apostles, despite only ever having nine stacks.[3]
The Twelve Apostles 2010
In 2002, the Port Campbell Professional Fishermens Association unsuccessfully attempted to block the creation of a proposed marine national park at the Twelve Apostles location,[4] but were satisfied with the later Victorian Government decision not to allow seismic exploration at the same site by Benaris Energy;[5] believing it would harm marine life.[6]
The stacks are susceptible to further erosion from the waves. On 3 July 2005, a 50-metre-tall stack collapsed, leaving eight remaining[7](compare the two pictures from 2002 and 2012). On 25 September 2009, it was thought that another of the stacks had fallen, but this was actually one of the smaller stacks of the Three Sisters formation.[8] The rate of erosion at the base of the limestone pillars is approximately 2 cm per year.[9] Due to wave action eroding the cliff face existing headlands are expected to become new limestone stacks in the future

I had a great sleep and the sun was shining on the hills from the deck and the cows were here to greet me!!

I had my lunch packed and was out of the apartment by 10am for the 20 minute drive to the parking lot of the 12 Apostles...unfortunately you cannot get down to the beach but there is a wonderful walkway which was already flooded with many tourists.....enjoy these shots!!!

Truly a wonderful sight.
The shot below was taken looking the other way and there is a way to get down to the beach which I found!!
You go down these steps known as Jacob's ladder
and then take of your shoes and socks and walk in the cooling ocean towards rock stacks!!!

So like everyone else as you approach this monster you are just amazed and thinking what could be better and then as you continue walking along the beach you find out what could be better!!!

Two stacks!!!
Can you believe the scenery???

This was just a wonderful walk these rocks, my toes in the ocean, the sun shining!!!
I then drove a few miles down the road and did 3 short hikes so come and join me here as well!!!

 This camera of mine I must get it checked out..no idea where this came from...

So what do you think??  Not a bad day!!!
i was home and by 5pm and as I walked in the door it started to rain and has rained quite hard all night!!
Had supper a long hot shower watched a movie and now after posting this ready for bed!!!!
Sometimes I marvel and wonder at these creations be they formed by natural means of by someone's hands..they are amazing!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

Wowowow les!! Spectacular scenery! Just stunning.. and your wonderful photos and narrative make it seem like I was right there with you. The geology is incredible there and I'm so glad the planners have capitalized on the natural formations. The cliffs were amazing as well, and the colors of the ocean combined... just amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to document all of this... I loved reading the stories too of the shipwreck, albeit tragic. Must have been horrid. I think that you have seen more coastlines on this trip than most folks see in a lifetime!! It is so fabulous to see the great, great variety of landforms where the earth meets the ocean. I think my fav so far is still the huge rounded rock formations from NZ... but I am really blown away by the beauty of it all. Cheers, oh and I do think it's time to fix that camera. ;)

mexicokid said...

I knew those rocks would get you going they were stunning..yes i think the camera should be checked out or maybe it is me that needs to be checked cheers les

Gail Slemko said...

Your camera works just fine and you still are focused!! L

Gail Slemko said...

Your camera works just fine and you still are focused!! L

Write up for photos in below post

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