Monday, February 08, 2016

Tuesday 9th February 2016...a hot one!!!

Every day seems to be the same now wonderful mornings and then very hot before cooling down in the evenings.....had another great sleep and just quietly listened to my music and read and had a light breakfast.
Around 10am I went into town to the local library where I connected to the Internet and did about one hour's work especially making all my reservations for my stay in South Africa and booking a car and thankfully it is all done so I can relax a bit and continue doing research on my trip north up to Sydney next week.
I came home and packed up some lunch and lots of drinks and set out for Mount Zero which is to the left of this map!!

This is still in the Grampians but to the north and not so populated I saw no one at all this afternoon.
I found the car park for Hollow Mountain and set out and the track was easy to follow and the effects of the big fire two years ago very evident

...after a couple of km of steady climbing I was into some rock climbing and the arrows I had been following abruptly finished at times I followed what I thought was a path but as close as I got to the base of the mountain I could not find a way through or up

.....I decided to sit and have lunch and think of my options and I chose to do the smart thing and to give up on getting any higher up the summit and to try to find my way back to the car park...I did eventually but I know I did not go back the same way and I also know I was way off track but I did make it back...
I then took another path to here

this was an easy path and the smells along the hike were wonderful and at the end the signs and the rock paintings very interesting!!

Some neat formations on the way down..

I was home by 5pm and thought I should take a nap but then decided not to and instead washed Silver streak and got some of the grime and gravel off her...had a light supper, wrote the blog and then the cool refreshing shower and now going to watch a movie.....when I was in the library this morning I asked if they would give me a short term membership so I could borrow a few movies and the answer was of course “no worries”.
These two words are now a part of my vocabulary everyone says “no worries” and I mean everyone I guess it is equivalent to our no problem...but it is all you hear when someone does something for you!!
My wonderful friends Paula and Jerry are in a small beach town on western Pacific of Mexico a town I introduced them to and they are now and they sent me this photo taken three years ago after Paula had given me a really good haircut...thanks and safe travels..

Hope you had a great day!!

Yashi kochi!

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