Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday 15th February 2016...always good when it is a beach day!!!

Had a really good sleep and my hosts made me a wonderful breakfast and I was on the road by I had planned to spend the day

I drove to tidal river and it was a pleasant drive on country roads

I planned to do about three hikes about 15 km to different areas and this was the first hike across the tidal flats

That is one huge rock just hanging out there!!!
I do not know what kind of bird this is but he was about 9 inches tall!!

I then climbed up over the head land and as you can tell the weather turned and I actually had to get my rain jacket out for about 10 minutes!!
The walk then turned inland
Before I came back out at this beach!!!

A good time and place to stop for lunch!!!
I did have a lunch guest with me...
You can see my Camino Tattoo is still showing me the way to go!!!
Just wonderful stretch of beach and almost deserted!!

Back up the rocks again and watched the raging tide!!
Before going to the cliff which is the most southerly point of the country....
It was a great day and on the way home I stopped and had a really good pizza.....
Tonight I got cleaned up did some more planning and challenged Carolyn to a re match of the scrabble game...BIG MISTAKE...she whupped me even worse than last night   TWICE!!!!!!
On the road again slowly moving north up the west coast heading for Sydney in 10 days time!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Elaine May said...

Could the bird be a kookaburra?
I remember books sent to us when we were kids from relatives in Australia and the kookaburra was often mentioned.
I continue to enjoy your travels.
Elaine in Saltair, BC

mexicokid said...

It may be do you know the names of those beautiful birds from two days ago,,,they were wonderful,,thanks for travelling with me best wishes les

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