Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Wednesday 3rd February 2016...can you stand another day of rocks??

It rained hard most of the night and this morning was a bit bleak but it did start to clear up about 10am...
Before I tell you about my day want to tell you that last night I did manage to book some flights but before all of this my regular readers will remember my great hiking buddy Pierre, in San Miguel, every Sunday usually just the two of us would meet and go off hiking for several hours we had great times, got lost plenty but just great companionship.  Pierre is South African and when he heard I was going to visit South Africa e mailed me and told me he was going to put me in touch with his Cousin, Delwin, who still resides in cut a long story short Delwin and I have been in regular touch through e mail and I cannot even begin to tell you how much help he has been to me just amazing helping with routes, advice and it turns out Delwin owns a small game and safari lodge and his operation is small and not subjected to all the major restrictions on bigger reserves and as well as planning routes for me Delwin has also invited me to go his lodge for a week of game thrilled with this and thank you Delwin.
Anyway I have booked a flight from Sydney to Johannesburg on 27th March and I will stay in the city for 4 days already reserved a small apartment on airbnb for 33 dollars a night...then 1st April I fly to Livingstone in Zambia where the Victoria Falls just happen to be located....I have booked a B & B there again great price through Airbnb....and then a local flight from Livingstone to close to the Kruger National park where I will rent a vehicle and tour for a week before going to Delwin's lodge mid April....after that I will take about 5 weeks and drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town where I may have a house sit for two weeks that is not confirmed.
Not even going to think about SA yet I still have almost two months left here but just wanted to share....
I was back on the road for another small road trip to the same coast line but this time seeing the sights to the west...more again sit back no commentary needed and enjoy yourself!!!

Impressive archway!!

It is hard to imagine the power of the wind, rain and ocean forming these wonderful sights!!!

 This where I got rid of my socks and shoes and had about a 3 mile hike through the water it was wonderful and then lunch and no that is not my lunch below but a weird and cool rock!!!

 It was another good day...a bit hard to see on the map below but the small circle at the bottom right is where I am staying....the bigger circle below is where I have been the last two days and when I leave here tomorrow I am heading into the mountains and tomorrow night staying where the small circle is at the extreme left of the map!!!!
The Great Ocean Road has been just that and then some more...each day I marvel and am so thankful that I am able to be on this journey seeing wonders of the world and meeting fine and kind folks!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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