Saturday, February 06, 2016

Saturday 6th February Willie sings "on the road again"

Said my farewells to Di and Jock and after a light breakfast was on the road by 8.30am the forecast for the next few days is in the 90's so I wanted to get most of the drive finished before the hot afternoon but I know that Silver Streak apart from having cruise control which is a bonus also has air condition which I don't normally care for we will see.......
The drive was on quiet country roads with not much traffic..

After a couple of hours I entered the National park of the Grampians and the scenery changed.

As you can see from the map above I am staying in a small town called Stawell it is about a 15 minute drive from all the hiking areas and I arrived at my cabin around 2pm.

The cabin is booked through airbnb and the owner lives in Melbourne and we have been in touch by e mail and she told me where the key was and a few hints for the cabin.
I would describe it as old and rustic, but clean and has everything I need from DVD TV player to washing machine and outside line...eclectically furnished ….I shall be very comfortable here for 5 nights!!!!

There is no Internet but I did buy a stick and I have tried it and it works well....not a bad deal the stick cost 19 dollars and then you add the increments as you need I was prepared to buy the smallest package at 15 dollars but when I took the stick in to activate it I was told it came with a 1gig already installed and free so that is worth 15 dollars so will see how long it lasts I write the blog and copy and paste when I turn the stick on!!!

I unpacked and got myself sorted and drove into town where there is a Woolworth supermarket and stocked up on provisions.

Relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and did some reading and then after a nice light supper I walked into town and took these shots...

the town has a nice feel to it laid back and lots of churches and old buildings.

Sure know where the saying “roll up the sidewalks” at 6pm comes from it applies to this town for sure!!!

I enjoyed the walk and then settled down and watched a movie.
Today on the road my mind went flashing back to my childhood and my upbringing and my Mum and Dad.
As you may know I was raised in a Salvation Army background going back at least three generations and a lot of people put a lot of time into my formative years and because of my Dad's work and the fact I had just joined the Police Cadets in the city of Sheffield, Dad received a promotion and moved back to the town where I was born, Doncaster about 25 miles away....I did not move with them but moved into a small flat and looked after myself not bad for a kid of 16 young years.......I always kept really close touch with my parents especially with my Mother when I was 21 and moved to Bermuda...she was a woman who would teach me about life and how to live and I know I have my kind heart and spirit from her.....she was a one in a million and I was blessed to have her for my Mum!!! Percy, my Dad was a different cup of tea....he was small in stature but a giant in character and possessed a fiery spirit which he passed on to me....sadly I lost my Mum way too young in 1995 she passed away in her sleep she was 75 years and in a few days on Valentine's day I celebrate her passing and her Dad lived on missing her for another 12 years.....they were my gift from God I truly believe that!!
When Mum passed because I was living overseas and I did not need or want any of the “family” possessions all I wanted was my Mum's Ruby anniversary wedding ring....I talked with my brother Malc and he was happy for me to have the ring which I have worn around my neck ever since....then when Dad passed away also in his sleep I asked for his masonic ring and I have faithfully worn both rings and I do not know why I am telling you all this but I took a photo of the rings today....

Funny where our mind 'Travels” when we are alone!!
have a great weekend I am settled in the cabin for 5 nights and intend to do hikes every day!!

Yashi kochi!!!

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