Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sunday 21st February 2016.....the photos catch up!!!!

I am now in a library and a few minutes to kill before I go on another beach coastal hike this afternoon so wanted to post the photos of the last few days starting with my house where I stayed for three lovely nights I had the whole home wonderful gardens and the bird life fantastic.....I am really starting to enjoy seeing the birds and listening to their totally different calls...

Not very much in the little village but there is this place where i would just love to hit some balls...anybody interested??
The next day I spent hiking and here are some of the shots..the wonderful colored Pinnacles!!!
The coast line around here on what is called the Sapphire coast is quite spectacular come take a walk with me...

I love this shot above..pristine beach check out no other footprints, lovely ocean and gorgeous sunshine!!!
Next was Hancock's Point some great rock formations here jutting out into the ocean!!

What a wonderful day when in the same time frame you can view and walk on glorious beaches and then maybe 40 minutes later be at this awesome place shown below...
Before I show the photos you have often heard and read about my hike in San Miguel which I always found to be so refreshing and almost meditation like where the suspension bridge spans the canyon with the pool ..well this place rivals the blog about how i found it two days ago and then luxuriate yourself with these was a slice of heaven!!!!

So as I mentioned their were sign posts without signs...

This maybe why the council took the signs down..the kid that showed me the route to the falls!!
So there you have them.....check in later tonight for today's report and photos that is assuming I will have Internet!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

Spectacular Les!!!! Beautiful pristine beaches and mountain waterfalls ... what an incredible country. Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

mexicokid said...

How amazing to see both mountain canyons and ocean in one day thanks take care les

Friday 20th July 2018......Friday again?????

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