Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday 20th February they say in the game of cricket "Rain stopped play"!!!

So there is no problem today with showing my photographs because I do not have many shots of rain do you want to see...yes most of the day heavy soaking rain which I am sure is good for all the farmers and the gardens in this area but non so for outdoor enthusiasts like myself but it did give me some down time and that is always comforting.
My first agenda item this morning was laundry and I have my clothes drying inside....then yogurt, fruit and my addictive Cornflakes for breakfast followed by tea and reading my book for a while something I do not normally do during the day but it just felt right today!!
With some connections I was able to book the last of my places to stay this coming week before I arrive in Sydney on Saturday.
I also did some thinking about my journey since I left my San Miguel in the middle of May and what a journey it has been for me I always am thankful for the health and the financial means to be on this journey....the friends I have visited ….with some very old and dear and special people others are my new friends and I am grateful to them all...I have seen so many wonderful new vistas and they have just blown me away with their beauty and grandeur and thanks to my little camera for catching the moments!!!
I do not know where the day went but here I am at 8pm had my long soak in the tub, made some dinner and now ready to watch a movie.
I am on the move again tomorrow I travel about 100km further north and mainly on the coast and the forecast is for sun tomorrow.....I also hope to have good Internet tomorrow so I can post some photos from the last two days....
I know I am a day ahead of most of my readers so I just want to wish every reader a happy and safe weekend.....take care and remember “No worries”!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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