Friday, June 06, 2014

Friday 6th June 2014....Camino Day 3!!!!

After I blogged last night had a cup of tea and sorted I know this may be a daily thing Wolf out again and I was ready for bed and it was 11pm so perfect timing had a great sleep!!!!! Matt and I were up at 6am and packed and ready to go when we went down to get our food and drinks out of the fridge we found that the main door to the reception locked and no one around. They knew we were leaving early but guess they did not think we would have food in the kitchen so the first glitch it was 6.30am and as Matt only had some cheese and bread in the kitchen he decided to head out on the walk. For me it was a decision time and as my water bottles plus sandwiches and yogurt were in the fridge I decided to stay...the water bottles are not expensive but they fit in my pack and I like the drink opening and what the heck they should be open by Matt and I agreed to try to meet at the next hostel at the finish of this stage 22km but if something happened just to let the Camino provide and i sat on the window ledge and worked on the computer they have good Internet here so really no big deal I am not on a schedule. When the staff did arrive they were very sorry and I had some fruit and yogurt got my stuff and was on the road by 8.20am. This is a very lovely town the beaches are great two bays one is calm and swimmable is that a word....and the other bay is a surfing beach. The hostel is very good and for a great price so I am one and one on the hostel debate!!! Views leaving this pretty town... after walking along the promenade there was a brutal up hill section and this where I felt a tweak in my left upper calf....I do not think it is serious but I did feel it. I stopped and applied some of the ice gel I have but it was still just a lingering inconvenience. 85% of the walk today was on pavement with stretches of wooded paths are a few photos.. Some kind perso had made this shrine with lots of water and here is one of the many potable water taps. Imagine who I thought about when I saw this...I sure hope she is a happy and doing well!! I had my first thoughts this morning of "why have I taken my self out of my comfortable life in SMA to do this?" Did not last long and one of my answers was because I can!!!! More photos on the way did you think of John Wayne when you saw this? tHIS WAS NOT SET UP JUST PASSED BY THE CAN IN A PILE OF YOU KNOW WHAT...MEMORIES!!!! I arrived at the place I was supposed to meet Matt it is actually a camp and RV park and went to reception and was told I was the first pilgrim of the day!!! I paid 5 Euro and received a stamp in my pilgrim passport and was shown to the barn.....yes you read it right a converted barn with one room with 14 beds it is basic but the bed seems clean there is a bathroom and across the way is a restaurant and small shop and also showers it will do me. Not sure what happened to Matt I thought about reserving a bed for him but figured he had already been this way and decided not to stay. Shortly after a young woman from Poland arrived and we chatted for a few minutes. I first made myself a cup of tea and another thing I have learned is that I do love my cups of tea BUT they taste much better with milk!!! I then did laundry and found a good spot to dry them and then the weather turned very windy and it looked like a storm was coming so i thought a good time for a nap. My leg is still a bit sore so applied more gel and I think I may buy a bag of ice later and ice it down really well. I also had a brainwave..I brought my elastic bandage for my knee and folded over it fits my upper calf just fine and think it helps. It is a nice campsite and there is a walk down to the beach that I think I will leg is just a little twinge and with my support walking feels ok. I walked down as far as here where there was a bench and decided it would not be wise to go all the way down so just sat with a beautiful view and contemplated my life some more. Did you know there was a golf course next to the beach you can see a bit of the green on the do you know you may ask??? Well when you have a great zoom camera many questions are answered!! For the rest of the afternoon I wrote this and read my book, I have kindle on my Nexus and it is great no added weight of a book the only problem with it and anyone out there have an answer i would be thrilled is that when I am reading with the Nexus turned sideways every so often for no reason what so ever it changes itself to turn long I turn it around and it does it again happens at least twice every time I read. Then I checked out tomorrow's walk and made some notes and then around 7pm went to the restaurant and had a meal of eggs and potatoes it was a really nice restaurant with pleasant soft music, table cloth and i enjoyed my special meal...drank lots of water and enjoyed the evening and another brain wave... I asked for a large glass of ice for my water and when it came i proceeded to put some inside the elastic bandage and iced my leg for two hours....I think now if I can post this I will and then just relax and try to get a good nights sleep...... no other pilgrims arrived so just Elisa the Polish lady and myself so it should be a snore free zone and hopefully another good sleep. Today's walk was 24 km which gives me a total of 57km am I nearly there yet??????? Some photos of today!! Things I learned today: I know my hair is really short but it is perfect as I sweat lots so cool for walking and after a shower so easy to maintain. The fiber quick drying towel is not the best to dry yourself with but it works. I am enjoying the Camino. Did I mention I have great friends!!! Tea is better with milk. I am so lucky!!! I have no idea what day or date is. Yashi Kochi!!!


Samantha Marshall said...

Glad it is going well hope your leg soon improves, today's date is 6th June :-) Take care x x

Paula and Jerry said...

Keep on truckin', Lesito! You're doing great!

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