Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday 16th June 2014...Camino Day 13!!!

After I posted last night it was not long before I read in bed and then by 10.30pm done...... and a great sleep till 6am I knew I was in for a long day and mainly again on pavement. I was out of the hotel by 6.20am and I hope i am still a real pilgrim because I cheated....This big city was easy to get into with the ferry but my book says very hard to get out of through an industrial area so outside the hotel I took a taxi and asked him to take me to the right highway for the next he drove me about 3 km and I got out and started walking...tell me that is OK?? It was a long walk on pavement till i came to the railway tracks and here it gets interesting because the book recommends crossing with great care this bridge to save about 9 km so I waited a few minutes till two trains passed in either direcction then crossed the bridge to the station and this baby came round the corner shortly after. I like this photo I would presume Mum and daughter look at the old lady as she struggles her hair is perfectly coiffed!!!!!!! As you can tell the skies were grey and it was perfect weather to walk and at one pointed it started to rain slightly for a few minutes but i managed to not get my rain jacket and pack cover out...great I have not used them yet. I was passing this store at 9am and in my opinion it is the best chain of grocery stores very good prices and great staff it was just opening when i was going by and I bought OJ and some fresh hot bread which I used my egg that I boiled last night to make a great sandwich. Not much to take shots of but here are a few and the most miserable shot of the day I have no idea what kind of bird this is but i have never seen one all white!!! The sun finally came out and I was into nice countryside again and evencaught a glimspe of the ocean!! I always write out directions the night before and they are very handy to have in my side pocket. I bet you did not know that Little Bluey has a Spanish second cousin called Little silver!!! I stop frequently at bars or private homes and ask for water and I am always met with politeness and they always fill my bottles I think a little to do with that is that I am older, grey hair and smile and am humble!!! So I finally rounded the last bend and came to the very old and wonderful town of Santillana del Mar...funny name because del mar means by the sea and there is no sea anywhere to be found. Very lovely small town and I stated to find the way to my hotel that I had booked last night I knew it was about 1 km out of town but what I did not know that it is right on the Camino trail so easy to get out tomorrow..the way provides yet again. This hotel is 28 Euros and the nicest so far!!! they have thought of everything and again I asked for some milk for the room... The view from my window!! .did the laundry, made some tea and slept a while ..this is becoming a regular routine. I then went by the pool and just relaxed. Back to the room i ran a full tub of hot water and what hotel goes to the added expense of putting in a foot bath for us weary Pilgrims to rest our feet in??? I was in the tub for a heavenly 45 minutes and then took care of my feet. This is really important for me to do and it takes time but necessary. Went down to the bar had a sandwich and watched Germany demolish Portugal in soccer. So now it is 9pm and after I post this I shall be reading and then sleeping. Walked 35 km today and that is two long pavement days so going to try some thing different tomorrow including in the price of the hotel is breakfast served at 8am so I am going to try and sleep in and have breakfast and then leave and walk maybe 20km and look for somewhere to stay I think I need a short day. This is funny it is my pill bottle and I smile to myself everyday as I take my two pills, clean my teeth, put on lotion, use a tea bag, chew gum......all less weight in the back pack every day!!! I have now cracked the 300 mark at 320km and I am doing well my legs are definitely getting stronger and today was a music day which I enjoy. Things I learned today. Pavement is no fun. I like to take animal photos. I have wonderful supporters and friends The Camino does provide. I miss my SMA life Blessings Yashi kochi!!!

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