Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tuesday 3rd June 2014...Day 57!!!!

well here I go..had a good last sleep and spent the morning packing an re packing and then just for good measure packing again......my total weight crept up a bit to 18 pounds but I do feel this is ok and it will get a bit lighter as my cremes and lotions get used, some paperwork discarded and also i am carrying some food item's so I feel confident as my back pack now referred to as Wolf is great and I really do not feel I have it on. I decided to place my things in individual colored bags inside Wolf and I also think this will work for me......my crocs are attached on the outside of Wolf and they do not swing as I walk...I know where my camera, money and passport are located and I do really think I am set although I know there will be minor adjustments as I go along. I want to thank Janet and Malc for being so kind and wonderful to me since I arrived at their door I know I disturb their daily lives but I have tried to help and not be a nuisance(hard I know) but i think we have had some special times together and with the rest of the family. Also want to thank all my family and friends for their words of encouragement.....last week I was doubting myself and what I had let myself in for but I feel now ready for whatever the next six weeks may bring my way. Malc and I left for the airport just after 1.30pm and two hours later he was dropping me off at the departure gate in Manchester I just jumped out of the car saying my goodbyes to save him parking. I had lots of time so went through security without any problems I had all my bottles in a clear plastic bag, thanks Janet, and found the gate and then walked around and people watched. When the flight was called and I went to the gate and the first problem arose. I had checked and double checked the restrictions of carry on bags and I knew i was in the allotted size but when I got to the gate they had a stand with the sizes printed and Wolf would not fit in the smaller of the stands and the young lady told me I had to check the bag.....I checked my boarding card and saw that the dimensions were more on my ticket than was on the stand and I pointed this out to her and she said sorry all the room for those have gone you have to either get it to fit in the smaller size stand or check it. I told her that I had checked my ticket twice and it stated because I had paid and extra 7 pounds for my seat with extra leg room the dimensions were higher and they guaranteed to take the bag as carry on. She said sorry all that space is gone you will have to check the bag. There was no way I was going to check the bag and I was a bit smart and had brought an empty grocery bag and I took my crocs from the attachments to the bag, took out my Nexus, sandwiches and one of my interior bags and put all of the stuff in the grocery bag and then went back to the same girl and managed to fit my bag into the slot and she gave me the OK and let me through......once I was passed her I stopped and put everything back in my pack!!!!! On the aircraft my pack easily fit in the overhead bin without any problems......score one for the kid!!!! The two hour flight was made more enjoyable by Janet's packed lunch for me and I did some reading. Arrived on time and with no checked bag waltzed out of the terminal and found the local bus maybe 50 feet outside the terminal that took me into the city center for 1.40 Euro where i took a taxi for 6 Euro about 2km to my couch surfing hostess's home arriving there about 10.10pm not forgetting that I have now gained an extra hour.....Estitxu and I spent a good hour getting to know each other she is lovely and very kind andher apartment right in the centre of the city is lovely here is my room and a couple of shots taken from my balcony we are on the 4th floor. Had a long shower and now ready for bed. So the start of the journey was easy....tomorrow I am taking a two hour bus ride to Irun where I hope to stay in the hostel and then have a look around and ready to commence the Camino Thursday morning......walk along with me please!!!!!! Yashi Kochi!!!!!

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