Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday12th June 2014.... Camino Day 9!!!

So here we are again and after I posted last night Estitxu and I had a very rich dessert and tea and chatted before she went to her room to mark her student's examination papers and i did some route planning and went to sleep around 11.30pm feeling healthy and just a bit tired in some places. Now here the story gets interesting well perhaps that is not the right word but anyway during the night i must have tried to see what time it was on my watch and maybe pressed some buttons i should not have pressed anyway when i woke up my watch said 6.45am so I got up cleaned my teeth had a wash went and had some breakfast and realized when I turned my Nexus on that it was not 645am....not even close!!!!! Funny I thought it was dark anyway the outcome of this story is that my watch is way ahead and I do not know how to set the correct time....take you back to when I bought the watch in England my very smart brother and sister in law with directions could not figure out how to set the watch and i finally did it and when the instructions were read correctly it was easy so smart me set the watch one hour ahead to Spanish time figuring no need to bring the instructions less weight right???? Wrong i need those instructions so will e mail Malc ask him to go to my draw get the instructions photograph them and e mail them to the meantime when my watch says I have to immediately subtract 2 hours and add 15 minutes for the right I hear some of you say I need to get a life!!! The other funny thing is that I never ever wear a watch so I could easily do without here but I like to see the time and judge my distance and as I found out later it is a good mental exercise......all this and i have not even left the house yet!!!!! Anyway by the time I had packed and had tea i was out of the house by 6.20am and walked the few steps to get on the tram which came almost immediately and got off at the Guggenheim Museum and started the next stage of the Camino.....I had gone maybe 2 km when i caught up with Matt and another Pilgrim a nice young Italian girl we keep seeing..we walked for a while and then i moved ahead this stage was the least attractive going through shipyards and main roads After 10 km came to this quite interesting bridge and enjoyed the .35Euro 1 minute ride across the river. After going through town there was a steep hill and for the first time I have seen elevators on the side walk!!! All towns should have not the very cute lady the ELEVATORS!!!! Then it was on a cycle / walking path for another 15km before arriving at the Hostel and the BEACH!!!! Did I ever mention I love the beach!!! I was the first person here and I arrived at 12.30pm with the hostel not opening till 3.00pm so I went into town bought a cold orange juice and sat and studied my guides and would you believe that about 25 km away is a ........well I am sorry you are going to have to wait but I went around the corner to a bar that had Internet and got on line and booked a room tomorrow night in a ........sorry I cannot tell you!!!! Two reasons one I am just a smart mouth and a big tease and secondly in my past expectations have come up to rise and bite me in the rear end so I try not to anticipate things but I hope when I write tomorrow night you are going to say"that is one lucky Mexicokid!!!! Anyway a few more pilgrims arrived included guess who??? Of course Eliza!!!! and then it filled up quickly and the last 3 beds to be taken were by the Japanese blind man and their friend and he is actually in the bunk below me and I do believe that Japan does not have a team in the Olympics this time!!!!!!!!!! The hostel is really nice and I did my washing and got sorted and climbed onto the top bunk in the far away corner and rested. Then went to the beach and spent a glorious hour walking in the surf my feet are so happy!!!! I had forgottn that nearly all the beaches in Europe are topless so after walking on pavement for 25km a refreshing walk on the beach is ..well...refreshing. In the past I have been accused of posting inappropiate photos so here is the only topless photo I am going to post Eat you heart out ladies!!! This is the problem I have this is a photo of my big toe and the one next to it overlaps and rubs and causes the big callus and that is what I keep getting cut down but I think I may have solved the poblem because for the last few days I have been spending time filing it down myself and it helps it is not so big nd not sore at all Back around 6pm and got cleaned up and went back to the bar around the corner where they have Internet to post this......the plan is to eat here and watch the first game of the World cup soccer Brazil V Croatia.....a hard life I know. Actually I just had supper and it was great and I have a wonderful seat for the soccer game which I shall enjoy!! Things I learned today. The body is an amazing machine. My feet do not like pavement. Estitxu was a wonderful host and now friend. The Japanese man is my hero. I have great friends and I am truly blessed to be here!!! A walk of 25 km today for a grand total of 180km and it felt good even though the scenery was nothing to write home about it all ended well with the lovely beach and again reading my guide book I think I can expect some tantalizing scenery the next few days. I try to make this blog interesting for everyone and I do enjoy the long time it takes me to do the way donations can me made to...... Yashi Kochi!!!

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