Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saturday 7th June 2014....Camino Day 4!!

hola after i posted last night went back to the room and the lovely Polish lady, Eliza was there and I gave her a tea bag and we sat and chatted a other pilrims arrived so we had the whole room to ourselves. Had a great sleep and Eliza tapped me on the shoulder at 6.50am to say good by she was ready to go no doubt we will see each other again on the Camino. I got up and dressed and ready...already I have a good routine which even though I am travelling light I need to adher before getting dressed i doctor my feet with loads of vaseline my cotton pads and then the ladies ankle high stockings and then my walking socks. Next it is vaseline to my nipples this is very useful especially with my sweating. Then it is the ice gel to my left calf and my right shoulder(a little twinge there this morning) and finally some anti chafing cream between my legs(is this too much information?). Next I make sure I have everything packed and not leaving anything behind....and on the road by 7.30am this morning. I walked down the path to the beach and what a great way to start the day. I walked on the beach on then went into town and found this store open and stocked up on some goodies for breakfast and later in the day and then back on the road. Again lots of pavement walking but very pretty and about 8 km along went back to the footpaths. I rounded a corner and there having breakfast was Eliza...we chatted for a minute but I did not want to stop so was on my way. I stopped here about 5 minuts the bells on the horses was like a church chorus just amazing and one of those times you really have to be there!!!! SOme really beautiful views but what happens when a pilgrim gets tired??? You simply lay down on the path!!! In the next town i stopped for fruit!! Even have horses as gate's animals!!!! this photo is where I left my hat just to heavy when sweaty and it hurts my head so I need to buy a light one and Linda you still have to love me because I am using my Trader Joe's suncream, eating 2 banana's and an apple every day' drinking lots of water and resting when needed and taking care best I can of myself!!!! I have passed and been passed by about 20 pilgrims today and looking at thier packs I think I am well into the limit one guy I talked to from Romania told me his pack was aver 31 pounds wow!!! Well eventually arrived here which is the stop for tonight I found the information office which is where you obtain the key for the pilgrim's hostel but it was 3pm and they do not open till 4pm. So I just sat and waited and a few minutes later Eliza arrived.....when the lady came i got a room for 5 Euros and she gave me a key for the hostel and also gave me a bed number....I walked with Eliza to the hostel and pretty basic but clean...14 beds in this room and all young people' young noisy people' young nosiy and loud people'''anyway no problems!!! Chore must be done then a hot shower!! I walked back to the tourist office to use their internet and post this then I will get something to eat and buy some groceries there is no kitchen here and apparently the stores are closed tomorrow. Happy to report my calf was fine no toe looks a bit sore but it is not hurting and today was a long hard walk of 32 km. My little doubts about doing this from yesterday have gone away and what I learned today: I am still blessed. I still have great friends. Paths that go down eventually go up and it appears they always go up further than they go down. I still don't know or really care what day it is. Yashi Kochi!!!

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