Thursday, June 05, 2014

Thrsday 5th June 2014....Camino Day 2!!

Well a lot happened in 24 hours...after I posted and went back to the hostel our small 2 bunk room turned into three....a lady arrived late and they asked us to move our stuff over to our beds and put a matress on the floor for her...part of me wanted to be Doris's boy and offer my bunk but I did not did not matter anyway because I hardly slept...the very untalkative and miserable Italian on the lower bunk I later found out represents Italy in the Olympics.......snoring event!!!!!! I have ear plugs but have never used them and tried them but they made no difference so let's leave it at saying I did not get a very good sleep and everyone was up and about around 5.45am.....Heather thanks for the gift of the sleeping sheet came in handy as there was no top sheet or blanket. So I got up and made myself some tea and ate some yogurt I bought yesterday and was out of the hostel by 6.30am there was a young American kid, Matt 25years and we decided to walk together with both of us knowing we could pull away or slow down without any problems or upsetting each other and we left the city and in about 500 yards into the country these are the sunrise shots I usually am not up early enough for those!!! The trail is so well marked with yellow scollop shells or yellow arrows imposible to get was flat for a while then we had a hard climb of about 1800 feet. I did have a problem and it was my fault with one of the ends of the strap that clicks into the other end on the strap that goes around my upper chest...I knew it was loose and I should have somehow tried to fix it yesterday instead of ignoring it anyway I lost it somewhere when I travelled by bus yesterday so I did improvise with a saftey pin not the best but workable the only other issue is that the part of the clasp that went missing was the part that also had my whistle oh well!!!! Matt is an interesting person and we enjoyed conversations and kept the same pace I have been very smart filling both my water bottles and having a supply of snack food, nuts and fruit and I do I think take care of my needs in that department also there are lots of public taps where the water is safe to drink even in the country. After about 2 hours we had our first coastal views and quite lovely!!! Then we climbed down into a small lovely village where we had to take a .70 Euro ferry across the estuary maybe one minute!!! The language here is Basque and looks nothing like the Spanish I know more Greek!!! Just for fun they throw these steps at you and an elevation gain of over 700 feet but spectacular views!!! We were now only a few km away from our destination of San Sebastian and my guide book told me the hostel for the Camino did not open till July but I had researched another private hostel and we got into the city and went into a bar so Matt could call the hostel but they were all full up. He used my Nexus and used a site called and in 5 minutes had booked us into another hostel right down town. Arrived about 10 minutes later and checked in it was 18 Euro but the owner gave us a discount and we each got a bed for 15 is great clean good facilities with a kitchen. The view from the balcony!! So today's walk was 28 km almost 18 miles(said I was not going to do that). First on the agenda for me after putting my crocs on was a nice cup of tea!!! I then did my laundry I only have 2 of all my walking gear so wash one at night and wear a clean pair the next morning and hung them on the balcony. I then went for an easy walk around this wonderful city enjoy the photos!!!! Found a fabric store that would you believe had the clasps that I needed to fix Wolf the lady was kind and gave me two for the price of one!!!! I must be suffering from not jet lag but walking lag because I have no idea where this photo came from!!!! I then went to a small pier and dangled my feet in the ocean for about 20 minutes ...felt sooooo good. There was a young woman next to me and we started talking and in 9 words she taught me something huge today. We were talking about the Camino and that she has not done it even though she lives in this city she looked at me and said when I had the time I did not want to do it and when I did no time then she said"Like life it will happen when it is time!!!!! Those words will stay with me!! I found a supermarket and bought some soup mix and bread for supper and yogurt and fruit for tomorrow and came back to the room. Took it easy in the lounge in the big comfy chair with a big glass of OJ and did some computer work...How about them KINGS!!!!!!(Hockey fans). Now after I post this going to eat and have a shower and then hopefully a good sleep...our dorm room only has four beds and there is only one other guy in so should be good. Matt and I have agreed to leave and walk together tomorrow and then after that I want to be on my own. So apart from what the lady said to me things I have learned today. Hostel life is still to be determined. I need to eat and drink as I walk. I have to get into the routine of taking care of my body before i leave the hostel..toes legs chest!! I am blessed with so many special people in my life. I have the best family. Thanks to Colin...he knows why!!! Thanks to Inga...she knows why!! Tomorrow is a hike of 22km see how I feel...blessings!! Yashi Kochi!!!!

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