Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday 18th June 2014....Camino Day 15!!!

Well is was a good game and could have gone either way but for Mexico to hold Brazil to a goal less tie is a good result......I was fast asleep by 11.15pm and had a good sleep and again awake and up at myself ready, you know the routine by now, had some yogurt, OJ and a nice cup of tea with borrowed milk and on the road again by 6.45am and already the sun was shining! Another long day on pavement is really not much fun but at least like yesterday the roads are very small and quiet ...some nice scenery..... please tell me I do not have to go over those beautiful mountains!!!! I kept passing and being passed by a young Irish girl it is her second day and already she is struggling she is very pale and her pack is heavy!!! Some local scenes At some point during the morning i started to get some minor pain in front of my left shin I immediately stopped applied some of my ice gel and moved my tensor bandage from my knee to the ankle and lower leg this helped but it was still a pain I knew about. More lovely scenery a great bridge and a nice spot for something to eat.. The plan today was to get to a camping park on the ocean where a dormitory for 6 with showers and maybe Wi Fi was 10 Euros and it was 6km away from the town I was in... I had already walked 32km and I was done for the day a smart move on my part so I just took off my back pack and stuck out my thumb and the second vehicle stopped a great young couple who were actually going to the same place so I jumped in the back and small world he worked for two weeks this winter at the Jubilee Hospital in Victoria on Vancouver Island.....he dropped me off right outside the camping office and it was 2pm and the office just closed and would not open till 5pm.....there was a really posh hotel next door right on the beach and I made an executive decision I was going to stay a night at that hotel and I did not care was the cost was!!! The front desk lady was lovely and told me a room for one night was 65 Euros and I was happy with that then she took a closer look at me and said "Are you a pilgrim?" and I said "I was a tired but happy Pilgrim" She then looked at some papers and said to me I will give you a room for 40 Euros and with that you can also have breakfast in the morning..SOLD!!!!! I thanked her so much and boy what a room she could have given me a room and the other side but no I get an ocean view and what a room TUB!!!! YES!! did the usual laundry and thought my leg would enjoy the cold ocean so come for a walk on the beach with me it really is special!! Came back and ran a full hot bath and soaked my leg and had tea in the bathtub a first for me... It was now 6pm so I went down to the bar and got a bag of ice and here I am!! What a great room the tide is now in and all those little rocks are comletely covered!! Doing the blog and at 9pm you will find me here supporting Spain as they play against Chile in World cup soccer!!! I hope my leg feels Ok tomorrow so will play that by ear. Things I learned today. People are kind to me It does not hurt or cost to smile and say hello. I do not like pain in my leg(that is not a complaint just an observation) I have the best friends ever I love the ocean!!! Eliza I promise in the next few days a day off for you to catch up!!!! Yashi Kochi!!!


Eliza said...

Awesome, but where are you today the King?

mexicokid said...

i am 6km past Colombres see you soon Les

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